Body positivity: Because all bodies are good bodies

That Time I Gained Over 30 Pounds


When I got sick, I gained weight. A small part post knee-surgery, but most after mononucleosis; In the time afterwards, I never started exercising ( which I love!) again, thanks to chronic pain.

Anne sitting in sports bra and leggings, belly rolls visible

Confession time


So… I want to encourage you to respect and take care of your body regardless of how it look, not waiting until your reach a specific size. But I still chicken out sometimes.

Anne sitting in her book corner in a rocking chair, wearing a cozy thick sweater and smiling

I Might Finally Be Getting Help


And by getting help, I don’t mean in the vague sense that’s code for quitting drugs or treating a mental illness – I’ve already done that!
I’ve finally been referred to a Pain Clinic, and will be getting help for my chronic neck pain.

10 Things I Want to Do in September


Saying goodbye to August, and hello to September!
I’ve turned 24, got my degree and moved out of my apartment last month, so hopefully September will be less stressful. Here are some of my plans for the new month – what are yours?