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Friday Favorites #10


FRI-YAY! I love how I always get to be excited about Fridays because of this weekly round-up. It’s the little things that count, right?

Friday Favorites #8


It’s finally Friday!! And now that I’m back at uni, I get to be more genuinely excited about Fridays (earlier I was more excited about everyone else’s excitement about Friday, there’s so much more positivity in the air).

Friday Favorites #6


It’s finally Friday, yay! I’ve had a pretty good week – I met with a physiotherapist on Monday for a small training class for people with knee injuries (perfect for me).

Friday Favorites #5


Weee it’s Friday!! Time to go crazy!! And by that I of course mean watch a crazy amount of TV and eating a crazy amount of snacks 😉

Merry Christmas!


Christmas has finally come, and almost gone again. I spend most of Christmas Eve offline to focus on my family and having a lovely time with them.