52 Body-Positive Babes, Books & other Resources to learn from

Stop the body hate, a revolution is afoot

I know what it’s like not to like your body. I’ve learned that has more to do with the toxic messaging we’re bombarded with from so many angles every day than how my body actually looks. There’s no one right way to have a body. But how do you learn to love your own?

What I do is seek out some amazing people to be inspired by, and learn from (and if you’re used to scrolling through an instagram feed full of thin women in bikinis, you could probably use some variety).

And that’s what I have for you today: a long list of incredible, smart women (mostly) that are fighting to build up body positivity, promote self-love and tear down diet-culture.

But first let me clarify… Body positivity is much more than feeling positive about your body. Body positivity is about equal rights, representation and treatment of fat and otherwise marginalised bodies.

Yes, body positivity can help you learn to feel good about or bodies, but we can’t forget that society treats people of different sizes differently, and therefore fat acceptance, regardless of your own size, is a cornerstone concept.

Sounds confusing? Maybe.

But we’re here to learn (including me!). And these people are some of the best to learn from.

Now I’m not an expert on body positivity and issues relating to it, and I won’t pretend to be. Therefore, I think one the best ways I can support the movement is to amplify the voices of people who do, including actually fat people (who, ironically, too often are excluded from the mainstream conversation on body positivity).


Books to browse

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(Fat) folks to follow


Websites to watch

Podcasts to play


An anti-diet, weight inclusive approach to health


Who do you go to for body positive learning?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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52 Body-Positive Babes, Books & other Resources to learn from52 Body-Positive Babes, Books & other Resources to learn from
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