Why blogs are so much better than YouTube and podcasts

Welcome to the battle of the platforms!

Tonight, giants are facing of in the ring.

In one corner, we have the blo-blo-blog posts!

A little old school, but her technique and methods has kept her strong and successful since the beginning of the millennia.

In the opposite corner, newcomer and star riser, a huge celebrity among the kids, you-you-you-YouTube!

Also, there’s supposed to be a podcast somewhere.

I’m getting a message in my ear…

Oh, they’re out in the lobby interviewing some self proclaimed expert.

Let’s head over to the studio for the pre-game discussion, and see who our very-much-unbiased expert will place their bet on. Let’s hand over the word ot her:

Well, let’s see

Why blogs are better

  • With blog posts, there’s no missing out on the at least half the point because you don’t have your headphones on you at any give time (you either scram to get them, miss out completely, or embarrassingly listen at max volume in public by accident)
  • Your pace is the pace. Are you a fast reader? Or slow? It doesn’t matter! Either way, you can consume a blog post at your own pace. If you’re trying to learn something from a video, you know you’re gonna have to pause, scroll back, play again. Then again because you didn’t quite catch it, and then again to really understand it. And jumping back and forward isn’t easy when you only have thumbnails to go by (or nothing with podcasts)
  • Scrolling and skimming is possible. WHEN DO WE GET TO DO THE GOOD PARTS? Almost immediately, if you’re reading a blog post. How many times have I sat through a vlog, skipped forward to the interesting part minute by minute, just to 1) realize there is none. 2) skip to far, jump back, skip forward and repeat until jackpot. Skimming a blog post is easy, and you can get the main takeaways in less than a minute by scrolling down once.

In all seriousness (as if this is a serious subject!), I don’t think blogs are inherently better than other forms of media. I consume all of them, and prefer different kinds of content in different formats.

How I consume content

I use an RSS reader, Inoreader, to follow blogs I don’t want to miss a single post from. Here I get:

  • News: not news-news, but I keep up with the latest update to services I use (like make wordpress – I’m so excited for the release of Gutenberg)
  • Blog community: I keep up with my blogger friends and people I look up to or admire for their writing
  • Health, fitness & nutrition info: This (including mental well-being) is kinda my niche, so I naturally read over a handful of blogs on the topic

On YouTube, I mostly watch entertainment videos – I don’t watch vlogs and similar. I just want something to watch while my brain is turned off and I don’t want to focus (unless it’s SciShow or GoT analysis).

Podcasts are fairly the same as YouTube in terms of the content I consume.

It’s just long form, and something to listen to while being out, exercising or doing chores where it’s inconvenient to look at a screen.

YouTube and video is killing blogging

Some people say YouTube is killing blogs. I don’t think that’s true.

I think blogs used to be the only option, and now that you no longer need to connect to the internet via dial up, and buffering a short video doesn’t take an hour, a new equilibrium is setting in.

Some content is better fitted for video than writing, and now it’s possible to create that content in high quality.

So from a blogger’s perspective, it may seem like blogging is fading from popularity, but I’m completely convinced it’s not disappearing – it has too many upsides.

A new balance is manifesting, and I think we’ll come to see writing and video as to complementary forms of content rather than competition.

What do you prefer – blogs or YouTube? Do you think one will ever defeat the other?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Why blogs are so much better than YouTube and podcasts

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