Blogging Goals 2016 pt. 3

Alright, now that we’re halfway through the year, it’s time for me to yet again review my 2016 blog goals!

It was a such strange experience looking back at my old goals this time, because so much have changed! Not only have my blog changed through growth, but the way I think about blogging has changed a lot.

Not in a:

“I used to think 1000 followers was a lot, but now I want 2000”

But in a:

“I used to spend a lot of time looking at my stats and follower count, but now I care more about engagement and creating something I find meaningful”

Not that I was completely caught up in numbers before, but that I no longer care about unfollowers. People might wish to unfollow me for any number of reasons, that’s completely fine. You do you! If you know what I mean (you probably don’t. My brain is a big mess).

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Numerical goals

I use numerical goals as an easy way to track growth and test strategies. It’s convenient, but it also doesn’t show the whole story.

A look back

First number is actual views/followers, second is my old goal.

  • Total pageviews: 62,579/50,000 views 👍

Awesome! I think taking the time to analyze my blog traffic as I write my traffic reports has helped me hone in on what works for me. It helps that I know have more posts that can drive traffic, and it’s always fun when an old posts like Small Steps Towards Self-Love makes my numbers spike again, even though it was one of the first posts I wrote.

  • Instagram: 2,850 / 3,000 followers 👎

Is it just me, or is Instagram growth a tough nut to crack? I have at times been too busy to interact thanks to uni, but it feels like whenever someone follows me, two people unfollow.

  • Twitter: 1,900/2,000 followers 👎

It’s no secret that I love Twitter chats and the blogging community on there. But I’m not good at tweeting throughout the day. I feel like I need something interesting to share rather than tweeting any random thought. I guess that’s the reason my growth have halted for now.

  • Bloglovin’: 450/350 followers 👍

This is pretty good! Although

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  • Pinterest: 1,200 / 300 👍

Pinterest is amazing for bloggers, and you’re seriously missing out if you’re not using it already. It took some time to create Pinterest friendly graphics, figure out how to use Pinterest and join group boards. I tried just about every scheduling tool available, and have finally decided on Boardbooster.

A look forward

  • 90,000 total pageviews: Basically I’m hoping to average a little under 10k views a month. I did experience a lot of growth this month, but before that, the summer slump was hitting hard. However, if I continue to work hard on my content and Pinterest, I think this is doable. Maybe by the end of 2016 I can pass the 100k milestone! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • 3,200 followers Instagram: this is a little lower than my last, failed, goal. I’ve started using Later to schedule posts again, because otherwise I can easily forget to post multiple days in a row. I only use it to remind me to post images and come up with a caption when I post so it reflects my thoughts, feelings or actions at that moment. I’m not focusing on Instagram because it’s a major source of traffic, but because it’s my favorite social media to waste spend time on.
  • 2,000 followers on Pinterest: Here’s the one that’s quickly become my second favorite! I’ve spend some time trying out the platforms most bloggers use (except for Google+. Sorry, but nobody really likes you). And now I’ve found the ones that I like, and that works for me, so I’ll narrowing down my focus to those (I think I was saying this last time too, but this time I’m taking it a step further).
  • 2,000 followers Twitter: This must seem, very unambitious. But going back to the introduction, Twitter is not my first priority, nor does it bring me that much traffic. What I do use it for is my #HealthHour chat, (and to take part in all the other great twitter chats) and I’d love to see more people take part in that, rather than just following me.
  • 500 followers on Bloglovin’: Analysing my blog traffic tells me that only a small percentage of the people who follow me on Bloglovin’ actually read my posts. Talking to other bloggers confirms that it’s not just me who experience this, and that’s why I’ll not actively be pursuing growth here.

Is it just me, or have I become more chatty with time? My old goal-posts were not this long.

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Throwback to my first goal post

Personal goals

A look back

  • Focus: There it is. I’ve already touched on the subject, so although I still want to narrow down my focus even more, I don’t think I’ve failed this goal. It’s a process, and it takes time to do it right.
  • Post 4 times a week: Well… No. I had to cut down to 3, even 2 a few weeks thanks to uni. Stupid uni trying to educate me and stuff. I set this goal before starting a very time-consuming (and energy-sucking) course, and it just wasn’t possible, even with lots of planning.
  • Always reply to comments: I’m ashamed to admit this was a massive fail. Okay, maybe it’s not massive, but I am massively sad I haven’t completed this goal. I’m hoping to make up for it next time, but I find it difficult to keep track of comments and which I have replied to through WordPress.
  • Show the love: Why would this be hard? I think I partly just forgot. Though I do have one example, sharing the lovely winners of The Health Blog Awards.
  • Find my niche: Meh. A Game of Thrones post was probably a big miss in this context. Yet how specific does a niche have to be? Can I blog about health and blogging at the same time? Do the two have to considered separate niches? Can blogging about blogging not be considered meta health blogging? What is the meaning of life? And if we were to find out, would the world disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre? Has that already happened?

A look forward

  • Almost always reply to comments: I genuinely love reading your comments and getting to know who reads my blog, and I want to make sure that’s clear by replying as often as possible.
  • Creating a blogging course:  This is an idea that’s been growing in the back of my head for a while. I’ve limited my blogging related posts to once a week (Sundays), but there’s so many topics I want to write more about. Creating a course would be a way to put my knowledge to use, and summer is the period where I have time to make it a reality. The exact form has still to be determined though.
  • Post 4 times a week: And this time, I’m going to do it! I’ve found a good routine with #HealthHour on Mondays, wildcard on Wednesday, Friday Things on Fridays and blogging on Sundays.
  • Actually write out my amazing post ideas: Not to sound to self-absorbed, but I have some pretty good post ideas on my drafts. So good that I’m nervous about writing them, because what if they don’t turn out as well as I thought they would? It’s time to get over that fear!
  • Do a blog collaboration: I’ve come up with a few ideas for collaborations I could do with other health bloggers. Now I just need to build up the courage and pitch the idea to a few fellow bloggers. Ouch.

I think that’s more than enough for me to work on for the next quarter of 2016!

Did you set any blog goals in 2016? How well are you doing now? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Blogging Goals 2016 pt. 3
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  1. says: Healthy and Psyched

    Hi Anne,

    Another great post!

    In terms of instagram, I think it’s really useful to use the whole 30 hastags that you’re allowed. I’ve noticed that when I don’t use as many I get less views on my picture. And try and spend 20 minutes in an evening liking photos from the people who’ve liked your photo or scrolling through your favourite hashtag liking pictures.

    I’m running a #HealthyBreakfastParty hashtag on instagram that you might want to participate in ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think my goal is to create some pinterest-worthy pins. At the moment I just have a photo without words.
    I was wondering what program you use to edit the photos.
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. says: Shannon

    Hi Anne, thank you for giving me new ideas for my blog goals. This was a wonderful post! Right now, my goal is building an email list and I’ve been doing a ton of research, but I do not seem to be making heads or tails about it. What is some advice about working on this goal?

  3. says: Holly

    It’s such a good thing to set blogging goals! I really need to set some for myself in terms of followers etc. But I’ve only got myself into a regular schedule in the past month or so… One step at a time!

  4. Oh, Anne, I wish you only the best with your blogging goals! I think you did quite well this time. I’d love to learn how to use Pinterest for blog but I fail at it for now, haha. I’d love for you do a course, I would certainly sign up for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  5. says: Carrieanne

    I try and do goals but I always forget them! Now I just try and blog and enjoy every extra comment follower or page view. I do have a big happy moment when I reach the next 100 though
    Carrieanne xx