Blog Report: Stats, Insights & Discussion – AS in October ’18

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Monthly blog report taking a close look at blog traffic, social media stats and building something meaningful

I’m just a hobby-blogger (that sounds so weird) – and I’ve sort of been neglecting my hobby lately. And in another way, I’ve been obsessed with it lately.

The fact is, I don’t spend a lot of time blogging right now. Insert something about self-esteem and paralyzing perfectionism. What I do spend my free time on, is coding and programming. I’m learning a lot, and spend time in the back end (on my local install) tinkering and trying out new things.

Mostly I’ve been experimenting with extending Gutenberg, and learning more JavaScript – I’m considering sharing a couple of tutorials (because with a little bit of code you can do lots of cool things), but I don’t know if it’s too niche. So do let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in a couple of blogging/WordPress development tutorials.

Because tinkering doesn’t leave me with anything to show you, which I’m trying to make up for you right now. By actually writing!

why share these reports?

Who would do such a silly thing?

Me. Because:

  • It’s an ongoing case study: I share what works for me and what doesn’t. I create something I can look back on and see how my blog has developed.
  • For the sake of transparency: I don’t want to keep any secrets from my readers. For people who hasn’t owned a blog, it can be difficult to understand what goes on behind the scenes.. I wanna be open about what’s going on with this blog and the directions I take it.
  • It helps other bloggers: I know some of you blog too, and find it helpful and insightful to learn more about how I run this blog.
  • I’m going to track my stats anyway, so I may as well share it on here 🙂

I don’t share these reports to reduce the value of blogging to simple numbers and graphs. There’s so much more to it than that, and there’s no real way to measure meaningful connections between people. The number of followers and views are just a bad surrogate for that meaning, but it’s also the most easily accessed and evaluated. I personally only check my blog statistics once a month so I can write these posts.

I’ve written about popularity and blogging for numbers previously, which you can read right here. I mention this post because it’s important to keep your perspective and not put too much meaning into basic numbers and statistics, before we dive in to the data.

In this report we’ll take a look at:

Thank you for joining me behind the scenes, I’m grateful to have you here!

Budget – Tools I’ve used

At some point this might turn into the ‘Income and Expenses’-section, but at the moment my blog isn’t a moneymaker, it’s a hobby (And I’d just feel a bit weird about discussing my finances in detail).

So instead I’ll share a few of the tools I use most often. I guess it’s the expense section of my non-existent budget.

  • Domain & hosting provider: GoDaddy*
  • Social sharing plugin: Social Warfare* 
  • Instagram planning & scheduling: Later
  • Pinterest planning & scheduling: Tailwind* (you get a 1-month free trial when you sign up through my referral link)
  • Planning (everything else!): Trello

You can read more about all the tools I use to run this blog here.

New & Popular posts

Total number of posts published this month: 4

That’s almost… disappointing? Especially because all I have to say about it is the same old stuck in the rut life-on-pause gabble.

I really want to write more helpful and valuable content, but I feel stuck between having a health blog and being a sick person, and I still don’t know how to combine the two in a way that will lead to interesting content, while I also stay true to my authentic self.

The most viewed posts in OCTOBER

These are the blog posts that the most people have read in October, but they weren’t necessarily published in October

Well, this is getting ridiculous – the top 3 is identical to the one in September

The most discussed posts from October

These are the posts published in October with the most comments

I suppose the fact that I’ve published so little that 3 out of 4 posts are on the ‘top’-list makes it lose its meaning.

The most shared posts from October

These are the posts published in October with the most shares according to my sharing-plugin*

Blog traffic summary

pageviews fairly stable througout october

The graph shows the daily page views throughout the month

Page views:4,050Visitors:2,832

That’s, well I don’t know how to put it, quite a dip compared to last month.

Let’s look at the traffic sources and see if we can figure out what happened.

Social Media Stats

Traffic sources

Social media stats. Google and direct traffic falls dramatically in October

Here’s an overview of how many pageviews my blog received from different sources in October compared to September

So, the change in traffic can be explained by less direct and Google referrals. Direct referrals are traffic where there is no source for the link (typing in the url in the browser, clicking on a bookmark) or unknown (often happens on non-desktop devices).

However, even ore of the change more can be explained by substantially lower Google search traffic.

What’s going on with google?

To learn more about what’s going on, let’s head to Google Search Console and see if something has changed that could affect search traffic.

Google search console screenshot of organic search traffic. Clear dive at the start of October

The descent happens right around the start of October. I don’t remember doing anything to my site that could has such big effect… I think?

My CTR (click through rate) is actually a bit up, and my average position seems to fluctuate as normal.

According to, who keeps a running list of big changes to the Google search algorithm, nothing big has happened since August.

Back in GA, I can see that it’s not one specific page that’s been removed from Google or something like that – most of my pages are just seeing an reduction of about 40% in impressions and click-throughs (except my blogmas post: 24 blog post ideas for December, that’s up with over 100%).

Maybe the change is just behavorial – people don’t search as much for the keywords that make my site pop up at this time of year. Or maybe better pages has been published by others, so now they’re getting the traffic?

Maybe there isn’t an explanation. I only know that I don’t have the answer.

Follower growth



7,340 ↑↑



↑↑: Above average growth. ↓: No or negative growth.

If you want to learn more about how I use social media, here’s a collection of some of my tips:

You can find all my blogging tips & tricks here.

In other news….

I’ll have to find my way out of this rut. I feel like I’m repeating myself, these past couple of months. So I’m thinking back to the last time I felt like I was on a roll. That’s when I made writing part of my daily routine, and didn’t think so much about the outcome. Is people going to like this? is this good enough? Instead I just focused on writing, editing and polishing could be done later.

I want to get back to that.

It’s difficult to get into a daily routine and build habits when your life is a bit of a mess. Changing between the routine in my parents house and at my boyfriend’s almost gives me jetlag, so it’s not easy to settle into habits (good or bad). But for the time being, I can at least try.

Oh, and I’ll definitely be digging deeper into what the f is up with organic search from Google!

Still not dizzy from looking at all the numbers? You can dig into earlier blog reports here.

Do you have any questions about blogging you want me to address? Leave them in the comments below!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Blog Report: Stats, Insights & Discussion – AS in October \'18Blog Report: Stats, Insights & Discussion – AS in October \'18
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