Blog Report: Stats, Insights & Discussion – AS in May ’18

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Monthly blog report taking a close look at blog traffic, social media stats and building something meaningful

Lately I have partly been neglecting this blog. But I haven’t forgotten about you!

I’ve been busy with an internship, writing my BA thesis and held back by a body that doesn’t work. I haven’t dared to look at my stats until now, so this is going to be interesting. Let’s take a look at my May 2018 blog report!

But why even share these reports? Who would do such a silly thing?

Me. Because:

  • It’s an ongoing case study: I share what works for me and what doesn’t. I create something I can look back on and see how my blog has developed.
  • For the sake of transparency: I don’t want to keep any secrets from my readers. For people who hasn’t owned a blog, it can be difficult to understand what goes on behind the scenes.. I wanna be open about what’s going on with this blog and the directions I take it.
  • It helps other bloggers: I know some of you blog too, and find it helpful and insightful to learn more about how I run this blog.
  • I’m going to track my stats anyway, so I may as well share it on here 🙂

I don’t share these reports to reduce the value of blogging to simple numbers and graphs. There’s so much more to it than that, and there’s no real way to measure meaningful connections between people. Number of followers and view is just a very bad surrogate for that meaning, but it’s also the most easily accessed and evaluated. I personally only check my blog statistics once a month so I can write these posts.

I’ve written about popularity and blogging for numbers previously, which you can read right here. I mention this post because it’s important to keep your perspective and not put too much meaning into basic numbers and statistics, before we dive in to the data.

In this report we’ll take a look at:

Thank you for joining me behind the scenes, I’m grateful to have you here!

Budget – Tools I’ve used

At some point this might turn into the ‘Income and Expenses’-section, but at the moment my blog isn’t a moneymaker, it’s a hobby (And I’d just feel a bit weird about discussing my finances in detail).

So instead I’ll share a few of the tools I use most often, and that helps me keep this blog running.

  • Domain & hosting provider: GoDaddy*
  • Social sharing plugin: Social Warfare* 
  • Instagram planning & scheduling: Later
  • Pinterest planning & scheduling: Tailwind* (you get a 1-month free trial when you sign up through my referral link)
  • Planning (everything else!): Trello

You can read more about all the tools I use to run this blog here.

Popular posts

The most viewed posts in May

These are the blog posts that most people have read this month, but they weren’t necessarily published this month

The most discussed posts from May

These are the posts published this month with the most comments

It feels silly doing this, as the sad fact is these 2 posts are the only ones I published in May! 😱

The most shared posts from May

These are the posts published this month with the most shares according to my sharing-plugin

Blog traffic summary

May pageviews graph

Page views: 5,221| Visitors: 4,083

Social Media Stats

Traffic sources in May compared to April

Instagram: 4,338 followers | Pinterest: 5,912 followers

Bloglovin: 649| Twitter: 1,968| Tumblr: 37,755

  • PINTEREST: This month I switched from using Boardbooster to using Tailwind as my go-to scheduler for Pinterest, as the latter is an official partner. After a recent #Blogospherechat I’ve realized many bloggers struggle with Pinterest (both how to use it and pinning regularly), so I will be sharing my tips in detail on this space soon.
  • TUMBLR: Tumblr traffic is down by almost 50%. Not having new content to share is definitely part of the explanation,
  • INSTAGRAM: No new posts = nothing to promote on Instagram = no traffic (almost)
  • NEWSLETTER: The same goes for my newsletter – it only goes out when there’s a new post to share, so the electronic owls that deliver my mail got a bit of a holiday.
  • GOOGLE: Usually my recipes and workouts do best on google, but randomly this post: 50 questions you’ve never been asked is doing very well on there – in May and April Google has been sending me so much traffic this post tops the hit list!
  • STUMBLEUPON: Did you hear stumbleupon is shutting down by the end of June? I haven’t used the site for a while anyway, and it’s been a long time since one of my workouts got popular on there. Which at first was cool, but then I noticed that SU traffic is low quality; the bounce rate is so high, it’s only “good” for getting random spikes in traffics, not attracting new readers.

I talk about social media how I use the various channels in the following posts:

In other news…

… Have you heard about Gutenberg? I’m writing this post in it, and I love WordPress’ new editor. At the moment it’s only available as a plugin, as it’s still in development. It offers a brand new (so much prettier and better) way to create wordpress blog posts, and I heard from the Wordcamp Europe talk Matt Mullenweg gave that it might be an official part of the WordPress Core as soon as August! Some of you might never even have heard of Gutenberg before (named after the guy that invented the printing press), but you’ll have to get on board sooner than later!

Recently I’ve been getting comfortable with this new editor, and I love all the things it has to offer, and the potential of what it can become!

… Have you seen my new recipe and workout indexes? Probably not, as I just created them yesterday. Earlier I used a plugin to make these indexes, but this time I made them myself – it wasn’t even as difficult as I thought it would be, and it turned out even prettier than I had imagined! What do you think?

… For the next month I hope to blog more. I realize I say this a lot, but I have so many things I want to write, share and tell!

I also plan to spend some of my holiday off-time revising old blog posts, updating them to Gutenberg, making sure there’s no old and broken images or link. It’s too big a job to go through everything, so I just focus on the evergreen posts that continue to draw in traffic regardsless of their age.

Still not dizzy from looking at all the numbers? You can dig into earlier blog reports here.

Do you have any questions about blogging you want me to address? Leave them in the comments below!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Blog Report: Stats, Insights & Discussion - AS in May \'18
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