Blog Report: Stats, Insights & Discussion – AS in July ’18

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Monthly blog report taking a close look at blog traffic, social media stats and building something meaningful

Summer has come and gone. And it was a wonderful summer

But as a blogger, it’s also nice when the summer – and hence the summer slump – ends. Because when people are spending time outside at the beach, a BBQ, or a party, they’re not gonna sit down and browse blogs. Maybe a quick look at social media, but not reading a full blog post – at least that’s a common trend.

Whether you’ve spent all your summer online, offline or somewhere in between, I hope it’s been a good one.

Now, let’s take a look at what happened on AS in July (this is a little late, but I’ve been stressed out by apartment hunting).

But why even share these reports? Who would do such a silly thing?

Me. Because:

  • It’s an ongoing case study: I share what works for me and what doesn’t. I create something I can look back on and see how my blog has developed.
  • For the sake of transparency: I don’t want to keep any secrets from my readers. For people who hasn’t owned a blog, it can be difficult to understand what goes on behind the scenes.. I wanna be open about what’s going on with this blog and the directions I take it.
  • It helps other bloggers: I know some of you blog too, and find it helpful and insightful to learn more about how I run this blog.
  • I’m going to track my stats anyway, so I may as well share it on here 🙂

I don’t share these reports to reduce the value of blogging to simple numbers and graphs. There’s so much more to it than that, and there’s no real way to measure meaningful connections between people. The number of followers and views are just a bad surrogate for that meaning, but it’s also the most easily accessed and evaluated. I personally only check my blog statistics once a month so I can write these posts.

I’ve written about popularity and blogging for numbers previously, which you can read right here. I mention this post because it’s important to keep your perspective and not put too much meaning into basic numbers and statistics, before we dive in to the data.

In this report we’ll take a look at:

Thank you for joining me behind the scenes, I’m grateful to have you here!

Budget – Tools I’ve used

At some point this might turn into the ‘Income and Expenses’-section, but at the moment my blog isn’t a moneymaker, it’s a hobby (And I’d just feel a bit weird about discussing my finances in detail).

So instead I’ll share a few of the tools I use most often. I guess it’s the expense section of my non-existent budget.

  • Domain & hosting provider: GoDaddy*
  • Social sharing plugin: Social Warfare* 
  • Instagram planning & scheduling: Later
  • Pinterest planning & scheduling: Tailwind* (you get a 1-month free trial when you sign up through my referral link)
  • Planning (everything else!): Trello

You can read more about all the tools I use to run this blog here.

New & Popular posts

Total number of posts published in July: 7

That’s pretty much double what I was publishing the past few months when I was too busy with my internship and bachelor’s thesis. I’ve had a few exams write over the summer, but I still had more time to write (yay!).

Here’s what I wrote in July:

The most viewed posts in July

These are the blog posts that the most people have read in July, but they weren’t necessarily published in July

50 questions you’ve never been asked has jumped to the #1 spot this month, but I don’t necessarily think that reflects the quality of the post. It’s not like it contains super valuable information, it’s just me answering questions from one of those silly tags. So how did it get so many views?

The answer is Google.

This post ranks super high on Google for some reason (it’s not like I put a lot of effort into SEO for this post!), so for a few months organic search has led a steady stream of readers to this site.

And as far as the smoothies goes, my recipes have been well on Pinterest forever.

The most discussed posts from July

These are the posts published in July with the most comments

The most shared posts from July

These are the posts published in July with the most shares according to my sharing-plugin*

Blog traffic summary

The graph shows the daily page views throughout the month

Page views:6,347Visitors:4,669

Social Media Stats

Traffic sources

Here’s an overview of how many pageviews my blog received from different sources in July compared with  June (+1 day in May to make it equal)

Looking at this, I noticed my newsletter referrals were down significantly. At first I thought it was related to DNS authentication because I updated some stuff with my webhost, which could have broken the verification so my emails would end up in the spam folder. But that wasn’t the case – somehow the rss-campaign that sends out an email every time I publish a new post, had been deleted?? Sometime in mid-June?? I have no recollection of doing that, but at least it was an easy fix. The few referrals that are popping up here must have been clicks on old emails, or new subscribers.

Platform subscribers


I mainly focus on Pinterest (for my blog) and Instagram (for myself), because my emotional and mental energy is limited, so sometimes prioritization is necessary. Instead of half-assing many things, I’m trying to do a few things well – but still switching it up every once in a while.

You can find all my blogging tips & tricks here.

In other news….

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with this blog. It was a fitness blog when I was a fit Sports Science & Health student. Now I’m finally graduating, but I’m also not fit anymore. I have chronic pain, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. But I don’t want this place or myself to turn into “bitter person that complains about how unfair life is”.

Maybe I’ll write about something different. Like recipes. I’m not that good at cooking, I don’t always have energy to do so, but everyone needs to eat – even if they have chronic pain. And everyone has mental health too, that’s another thing I’ve always been writing about. Those are still good options.

Maybe I’ll find a way to combine the two others. Have them coexist. Write about how chronic pain affects a person, and still share my knowledge on health and fitness on here.. But I also know, regardless of my qualifications (which is higher than the majority fitness blogger out there) – I’m no longer look that fit or skinny, and therefore people aren’t as interested in what I have to say.

Wait, this really sounds like the bitter complaining person is taking over, I need to turn this around.

Here’s the thing: I find blogging enjoyable. I don’t enjoy all aspects of it, but it’s something I do for myself, so all these thoughts about what random strangers do and don’t like shouldn’t – and aren’t – that relevant to me. And I don’t actually know how people will respond to posts about chronic pain and disability – I could be positively surprised!

And if I’m not:

Still not dizzy from looking at all the numbers? You can dig into earlier blog reports here.

Do you have any questions about blogging you want me to address? Leave them in the comments below!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx
Blog Report: Stats, Insights & Discussion – AS in July \'18Blog Report: Stats, Insights & Discussion – AS in July \'18
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