Blog Report: Stats, Insights & Secrets – AS in January ’19

Monthly blog report taking a close look at blog traffic, boosting page views, growing a following, social media stats, trends and building something meaningful.

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Monthly blog report taking a close look at blog traffic, social media stats and building something meaningful

Is it just me. or does january always feel twice as long as December?

I guess it has something to do with getting back in the grind after the festive holidays, and suddenly this wonderful thing we spent a month (or more) looking forward to, is a whole year away.

Keen readers might have noticed that there was no blog report in December, the latest being from November. But now I’m back in the grind too, so lets look into what happened to AS in January.

Why even share these reports?

Who would do such a silly thing?

Me. Because:

  • It’s an ongoing case study: I share what works for me and what doesn’t. I create something I can look back on and see how my blog has developed.
  • For the sake of transparency: I don’t want to keep any secrets from my readers. For people who hasn’t owned a blog, it can be difficult to understand what goes on behind the scenes.. I wanna be open about what’s going on with this blog and the directions I take it.
  • It helps other bloggers: I know some of you blog too, and find it helpful and insightful to learn more about how I run this blog.
  • I’m going to track my stats anyway, so I may as well share it on here.

I don’t share these reports to reduce the value of blogging to simple numbers and graphs. There’s so much more to it than that, and there’s no real way to measure meaningful connections between people. The number of followers and views are just a bad surrogate for that meaning, but it’s also the most easily accessed and evaluated. I personally only check my blog statistics once a month so I can write these posts.

I’ve written about popularity and blogging for numbers previously, which you can read right here. I mention this post because it’s important to keep your perspective and not put too much meaning into basic numbers and statistics, before we dive in to the data.

In this report we’ll take a look at

Thank you for joining me behind the scenes, I’m excited to have you here!

Budget – Tools I’ve used

These are the tools I use to build and run my blog. In the future, there might be a more detailed income/expenses data here. But for now, this is more helpful.

  • Domain & hosting provider: GoDaddy*
  • Social sharing plugin: Social Warfare* 
  • Instagram planning & scheduling: Later
  • Pinterest planning & scheduling: Tailwind* (you get a 1-month free trial when you sign up through my referral link)
  • Planning (everything else!): Trello

You can read more about all the tools I use to run this blog here.

New & Popular Posts

Total number of posts published this month: 7

A lot of lighthearted content this month – with the resolutions post packing the biggest punch.

I realise it would probably be excellent for traffic to lean more into the diet (or anti-diet) talk in January, as that’s when the biggest percentage of the population is interested. But to be honest, diet and weight loss talk stresses me out, and my mental wellbeing is more important.

The most viewed posts in January

These are the blog posts that the most people have read in January, but they weren’t necessarily published in January

I don’t know whether to be annoyed that these three posts (along with this recipe) are the only ones that take turns being in the top 3 every month for so long.

So from now on I’ll expand it to the top 6, to hopefully get more variation!

The most discussed posts from January

These are the posts published in January with the most comments

The most shared posts from January

These are the posts published in January with the most shares according to my sharing-plugin*

Blog Traffic Summary

Screenshot from Google Analytics of graph with pageviews over the month
The graph shows the daily page views throughout the month
Page views:5,870Below average
Visitors:4,261Above average

Looking at this, it’s been a fairly steady month. Like I said earlier, if I really wanted to drive traffic in January, I could have catered more to all the people trying to lose weight or get healthier in 2019.

Social Media Stats

Traffic sources

Screenshot from Google Analytics showing various traffic sources and how many pageviews the blog received from there
Here’s an overview of how many pageviews my blog received from different sources in January compared to December

In terms of traffic sources, Pinterest has been a big driver of traffic this month. Pinterest mainly drives traffic to my recipes, and I assume both Pinterest and Google has increased based on people searching more for healthy recipes in January.

Follower Growth

4,156 ↓


8,387 ↑↑



↑↑: Above average growth. ↓: No growth.

This month I’ve pulled back some from social media, trying not to spend so much time there – and be more intentional about my behaviour when I do. Part of that is also prioritising what I spend my time and energy, rather than quarter-ass so many tasks.

In the future, Instagram and Pinterest is where I’ll be – while I’m not going to shut down the other channels, they also won’t receive much of my energy. My priorities can change in the future, but this is what makes sense for me as a person and as a blogger.

… And then there’s a third thing I’ll start prioritising. More about that below.

If you want to learn more about how I use social media, here’s some of my best tips:

You can find all my blogging tips & tricks here.

A new priority

Many small streams make a great river

not a real saying in English, probably

I’m part of blogger & influencer community called Fynske Influencers. It’s a good bunch, and I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made through it. But it’s not just a social group – we all have a shared interest, and through events and workshops (like this on food styling) share knowledge.

The last workshop was about on-page SEO. Although I did know most of the basics, I still came away with a ton of new knowledge – because I’ve struggled with how to implement the best practices to my site.

I’ve also lacked the motivation to thoroughly optimize my website, because I wasn’t sure it was worth the effort. Ranking on Google seems (at least partly) to be based on magic, and you rarely get immediate results.

So my biggest takeaway from the workshop was many small streams make a great river (is that an actual saying in English? Otherwise you can have it, courtesy of Danish).

Aside from the actionable advice (like adding meta descriptions), I’ve realized that, yes, adding an alt text to this specific image on this specific post isn’t going to make or break my site’s ranking. But it’s one of the many little ways to signal to google that this page contain valuable content about [keyword], and these little things compound into big signals in the long run.

And unlike social media, where content can drown in a matter of hours, Google is all about the long run.

Still not dizzy from looking at all the numbers? Then dig into earlier blog reports.

How do you work with SEO? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Blog Report: Stats, Insights & Secrets - AS in January \'19Blog Report: Stats, Insights & Secrets - AS in January \'19
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  1. says: Ivaneta Ivanova

    Hi, Anne! I’m intrigued by the social media stats view! That’s in Google Analytics, right? How do you make it like that?

  2. I loved this post and can totally see why you decide to share your stats each month! It was so insightful and interesting to read about your findings. I don’t reflect on stats very often, but I know how beneficial they can be when I do. They definitely help you to create better content x

    Lauren |