Do I really have to do this every year? Alternative title: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

Happy birthday me!

Yes, it’s my freaking birthday today. Let’s make a huge fuss about it and let me be the centre of attention.

Please don’t, I can’t actually think of anything worse. Maybe being stuck in a pool with sharks. But I’ve been told sharks are really misunderstood and not evil. They don’t even want to eat people (but they might not realise that until they’ve bitten off your arm)

So anyway, where am I going with this? I don’t know. Which is quite symbolic for my life at the moment. That got deep way too fast. But it does seem like birthdays are just the right time reflect about your life.
So that’s what I’m trying to doing.

I’m not a big fan of birthdays. There’s so much pressure to celebrate and do something extraordinary. Now I’m making myself sound like the most boring person ever, which I might be. But parties make me so anxious I feel bad a long time before it starts, especially if it’s my party. And there’s nothing fun about anxiety. I am, however, looking forward to my boyfriend cooking for me tonight (he’s a great cook, but don’t tell him, he’ll get too cocky). I’ll even see my family over the weekend – and that’s all I could wish for! It might not be your ideal birthday, but this is not your birthday so give me back my crown and all the balloons!

Ehm, anyway…

I should probably put a disclaimer on my post when they’re written by a drunk me. (I’m not drunk, by the way, it just seems like a good excuse for rambling on and on without making sense).

If there’s one thing I’d want to get better at this year, it’s not caring what other people think. Not letting their perception of me shape my choices. From the way I celebrate my birthday to my career choices – I need to fulfil my own dream, instead of trying to please everybody all the time. And watch more puppy videos, of course!

Even though it’s probably not your birthday, I hope you have a great day! Oh, and here’s a puppy gif(this will be me today) ❤️

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx
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  1. says: erin31811

    Happy Birthday, just have a good day and eat loads of cake. I tend to drink a bottle of wine too lol, the way I see it is that it is your day, and you can feel how you want to feel, do what you want to do, its yours. and if you want to lie in a bed fort eating cake, DO IT! lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. says: Anne

      tbh eating cake in bed sounds like a pretty good plan! Now the big question is, how often is it acceptable to do that when it’s not your birthday?

  2. Hope you had a wonderful day! I totally understand why you get anxious on your birthday, sometimes its such an anticipated day and then then it happens its a bit overwhelming, I remember my last birthday I felt the same!xx

  3. says: Bethany Jane

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely day and get to celebrate it exactly how you want!
    I do agree with you, I hate the pressure put on us on our birthdays. It’s so stressful!

    Beth x

  4. says: jen

    I’m completely the same! I’m 21 this year (not till December) but every time I see someone they’re like “Whats the plan?!” , “What are you going to do?!” I’d genuinely rather just eat pizza and chill
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  5. says: Mira

    What a cute gif! Happy birthday, I hope you have an amazing day that is filled with joy and birthday cake. I’m also not a big fan of birthday, I don’t like being the centre of attention and I also prefer having a quiet day with people that are close to me. I’m much more of a Christmas person as everyone receives presents and therefore the attention isn’t just on one person. And it’s really good that you stopped caring what other people think, we should live our life just like we want xx

  6. Happy birthday again, Anne! I wish you all the best and it’s totally okay to have a fun and chilled day instead of having a huge party or something, I’m not a fan of them either. Be you and do what makes you happy! x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  7. says: wordsbykatie

    Happy birthday sweet love..!! But I feel the same about all the pressure to make it perfect, it totally ruins it. I would much rather have a chilled, happy day than run around doing stuff I feel like I should be doing. Just enjoy yoursel & have a wonderful day f ^_^