Berlin in 10 Photos – Places to visit in Berlin

Berlin – a capital city with a complex and fascinating history

This summer I was lucky to go on holiday with family and S. Our holiday target was Berlin for a week of history, new experiences and quality time together.

You wanted to hear a bit more about my trip (at least on Instagram), so here you go.

This is not a detailed travel guide to Berlin (even if it seems like that’s what bloggers have to do every time they travel anywhere), it’s just a mix of a photo diary and my reflections on the interesting places we visited.


Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe. Berlin (Germany) has a very complicated history, and throughout the city, there’s memorials and sites to remind you about the terrible things that happened – and how similar things are currently happening many places around the world. What a cheery start on a holiday post, huh?


Museum für Naturkunde. I met dinosaurs! The exhibit on evolution was also amazing


Bit of the Berlin wall, that split East and West Berlin up until 1989. That’s not very long ago. There’s many people who risked their lives (and lost their lives) trying to pass this wall.


Checkpoint Charlie. The most famous checkpoint along the wall. Here spies were exchanged, and the cold war almost became hot as Sovjet and American tanks faced each other.


The Reichstag building where the German Parliament (Bundestag) reside.


Inside on tour, my sister looking over the parliament seats. There are many powerful reminders from when Sovjet soldiers overtook the building at the end of the 2nd world war. It’s a reminder of how new, yet important transparent democracies are, and how we have to continue to fight for that.


Museumsinsel. There are bullet holes in many of the buildings from the fights before the 2nd world war ended.


Inside the Neue Museum which has an amazing Egyptian exhibit, including the bust of Nefertiti (ancient Egyptian queen). We also visited the Pergamon museum, which had a really cool exhibit on the ancient near east (Babylon, Assyria, etc)


Brandenburger Tor, former city-gate used by the royals as the road Unter den Linden went straight to their palace. It’s been a site for many historical events in Germany.


Statue of a mother holding her dead son. This is a memorial for the victims of war and tyranny – circumstances in which people are still dying today. I know this is not nice to think about. But an important lesson from the past is that complacency is complicity. If you’re living a good, safe life today, you own a lot to the brave people throughout history who have stood up to tyrants and fought for a more moral society.

Yeah, this has been a holiday with lots of room for reflection (when so much of the history (not even that many years ago!) reminds you of current events, it really makes you think) – but it’s been enjoyable too, the two is not mutually exclusive. And I’ve loved visiting Berlin and spending time with my family ❤

Have you ever been to Berlin?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Berlin in 10 Photos - Places to visit in Berlin
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