Where’s the horse and how do I get back on it?

Hi friends!

Question: How do you start a blog post you’ve been procrastinating writing since forever?

I don’t even know why it suddenly went so quiet on here. Well, I do know what I’ve spent my time on:

  1. Lots of studying and procrastinating preparing for exams
  2. Trying not to explode from all the detox and diet talk that’s inevitable in January

The main reason for my absence probably lies in the last one. You’d think January is the most amazing month for health blogger, right?

But I can be stupidly stubborn and defiant. And I don’t want to join the chorus promoting restrictive diets and disordered relationships with food based on arbitrary restrictions. I don’t even want to join the diet-talk, and therefore I just went silent.

I do have a lot of ideas and inspiration for myth busting, diet-crushing posts. The problem is they’re all in my head  – and as long as they are there, they are still perfect. It’s never going to become perfect when I start writing. Especially because I’m not the only person talking about this, and I’ll never be able to make anything as good as theirs (hello unnecessarily self-critic voice in my head, it’s not nice to see you again – well, hear you. Whatever. Just go away, please). This turns my stomach into a messed up knot of anxiety and frustration. And pasta. Because who doesn’t like to eat pasta? Fad-dieters, that’s who.

Anyway, here I am getting back on the horse again. I made a playlist full of songs by awesome women who make me feel confident and like I have my life together (Now I just wish that was the same as actually having my life together).

Maybe it’s just me, but when your classmates think you’re wearing a bindi when you show up at uni but really it’s just blood from punching yourself in the face trying to brush your hair isn’t exactly cool.

Basically what I’m saying is: Here I am. I have insecurities, but I’m trying not to let them stop me or hold me back. I acknowledge that everyone experiences fear and self-doubt, and I won’t let it hold me back. (That may not be what I actually said before this paragraph and my teacher would hate a conclusion brings up a new stuff. Technically I don’t think my teacher would approve of a dog eating pasta gif either. So which of us really need to reevaluate their life choices?).

To the rest of 2017 – bring it!

How are you handling the start of the new year?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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