My 10 best sides

I’ve talked about my worst sides. It was a bit painful to pour out my deepest insecurest and the worries that sometimes leave awake at night. But I still have something to bring to world, just by being me (and so have you!).

My 9 worst sides

I don’t hate myself, but I don’t think I’m perfect either. Far from perfect actually. But so is everyone else, no matter how shiny and amazing they seem from afar. I’m writing this of my worst sides, not as an act of self-loathing, but self-love, actually.
How? Read to find out.

10 Things We Ought to Leave in 2017

It’s January, a time for reflection and looking at our life and current situation. I don’t make resolutions, but there’s a few things that I think we should leave back in 2017 before we lock that door shut.

24 Christmas Traditions I Always Look Forward To

Happy December!
I always love hearing about other people’s Christmas traditions. Different countries have different traditions, but even in Denmark families always celebrate in their own unique way.
I wanted to share the traditions I love, what I always do around Christmas, and I’d love to hear your list!