Using assistive devices is not a sign someone has given up on themselves

You ever realise how able-bodied people just are not expected to do things that cause excruciating physical pain??

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You ever realize how able bodied people just are not expected to do things that cause them excruciating physical pain? Like they’re just not.

If I shouldn’t use my cane because I can sometimes technically walk without it, it would just hurt like a motherfucker then abled people should no longer be allowed to use potholders to take things out the oven because I mean⁠

Well they could technically pick up a hot pan with their bare hands, it would just hurt like a motherfucker


*sees an abled person using potholders*

I just think it’s really sad that you’re given up on yourself like that

If you use potholders how will you ever build up the calluses necessary to pick up scalding hot metal without burning yourself so severely? It’s like you’re not even trying to get better


As a professional cook I was, and still am, able to pick up most stuff up out of an oven without a pot holder. I might get blisters and maybe it will hurt, but usually it won’t


AMAZING! based on this one specific individual’s experiences I will now safely assume that it’s possible for anyone to overcome hand pain and leave potholders behind for good!!! As long as you want it bad enough anything is possible!! Make this story go viral so that all those self-pitying losers who still use potholders know that there’s no excuse



You don’t need potholders! With proper diet and exercise you can start using your bare hands on open flames!

Just get motivated and lose some weight!


Have you tried yoga?

/end Image transcription

Don’t misunderstand this as me saying it’s bad to challenge your body and that training or physical therapy can’t do any good – it can do wonders.

But it’s slow and difficult to find the right balance of strengthening without overdoing it. And there are also many things training can’t ever fix.⁠

Don’t just assume mobility aids or assistive devices are a sign someone has “given up” or are holding themselves back from getting better. On the contrary, they can be a road to more freedom and a fuller life, because you can do more before the excruciating pain sets in.

I’d much rather never have to use a neck brace, my wheelie bag and so on.

I’d also really like to not be in constant pain.

But that’s how it is, and so I use the tools I have available to not make it worse.

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

I originally published this post on Instagram.

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