Ask Anything And Anne Answers – Q&A

Or should I call it a Q&AAAAA?

No definitely not.

But I am a little proud of myself for coming up with this stupid a-overloaded title.

The concept of a Q&A is otherwise pretty straight forward, no?

People (you!) ask me questions, an I (Anne), answer them.

I’m not the type who gets flooded with questions daily, and if I’m not too busy with school work or generally exhausted, I have time to answer people individually. Still, I though it would be fun to put together a little Q&A of some of the recurring questions I get, as well as some random ones.

Also, I used way too much time tinkering with the code for designing these speech bubbles! (Which is a good thing, because I love that kind of stuff. It was partly the reason why I wanted to do a Q&A).

Let’s get to the questions!

You have such beautiful hair. What’s your secret?

My secret is: my hair is a messy, greasy knot most days. But I have thick hair and no trouble growing it long. I don’t use any fancy products, a hair mask from time to time (gets expensive when you have so much hair!), so I can see two only reasons why it’s ‘beautiful’

  • Luck (thanks to the genetic lottery)
  • I don’t do things that could damage it. I’ve never coloured my hair, and I don’t use heat on it anymore
Hair so long it doesn’t even fit in the picture… I’ll be cutting it short before summer because it’s such a pain in the 🍑 to deal with.

Is there a diet type you’d recommend?

No, there’s no diet I can recommend (keep in mind that my education, while in health science, has (too) little about nutrition). Intuitive eating, a non-diet approach, seems best for most people. You can learn more about that from registered nutritionist Laura Thomas, she’s an expert on it.

What camera do you use?

I have a Nikon D3200. It’s pretty great, but not as fancy as a lot of newer models. I love my trusty friend though.

What’s your chronic pain? What’s your diagnosis?

The short answer is I don’t have a diagnosis (yet). I wake up with a painful and stiff neck every day. Some days are worse than others, and I never go a day painfree. I don’t a diagnosis yet, I’m just getting referred from one doctor to another (with such long waiting lists!) without getting a diagnosis or any real treatment.

I really love your blog! After scrolling through it today! I was wondering where you’re from? And what inspired it?

Well you are sweetheart! My tour into blogging was a gradual one, started by Tumblr, and inspired by the fitness community, I gradually started actively creating content instead of just passively consuming it. And now, it’s grow into whatever this thing is!

Oh, and I’m from Denmark.

What are you studying?

Sports Science & Health, with a focus on fitness, physical activity and health promotion. If everything goes well, I’ll be graduating this summer! What happens afterwards is a mystery.

Do you ever eat and/or use dates in recipes?

Not really. Not because I don’t like them, I’m just not used to cooking with them – and there’s so much more delicious food to put in recipes!

How did you learn to do a handstand? 🙂

I suppose this a reference to this old post, or this picture?

I learned to do handstands at my first year of university because it was part of an exam (yes, seriously).

To do a handstand, you need a strong core (and a good control of it), be good at pushing away from the floor with your shoulders. Practice kicking up with a partner, so you don’t get into the habit of slamming your legs into the wall before slowly moving your feet away (if you only have a wall to practice with, you should still aim to barely touch the wall).

To get stronger in the handstand position you can try this exercise: stand ~half a meter from the wall, facing away from it. Put your hands on the mat, and walk your feet back. As you get comfortable in this position, start walking your hands closer to the wall.

Oh, and you’ll probably need lots of patience too!

And be mindful of your wrists. My wrists have a limited ROM, and where in so much pain from all the handstand practice (but I had to push through it for the exam). They were so painful I’ve never wanted to do handstand since then!

Ask anything and (maybe) Anne’ll Answer Accordingly….?

What I’m trying to say is, if you have a question, leave it in the comment section below (you don’t need to enter a name or email, so you can be anonymous) and I’ll try to answer it in the next Q&A post!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Ask Anything And Anne Answers - Q&A
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