How I Got Over 10K Views in April – Blog Report

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Hello! As May has come, it’s time to dive into my blog stats and see what worked and what was a huge mistake this month.

Before we get started, I want to emphasise that these blog reports are not about ‘bragging’ about numbers. It’s way to bring you behind the scenes of blogging, for me to be more thorough when I look through my stats, and to share strategies with fellow bloggers – especially after the feedback my last (and first) blog report got – I’m happy you find it helpful, and know it’s not about the numbers.

Now let’s get on with it!

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Most discussed posts in April

  1. My Secret Identity
  2. What and Why You Should Eat After Your Workouts
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  6. March in a Post

I always find it interesting to see what kind of post gets a lot of views vs the ones that gets a lot of comments.

April Blog Traffic


As you can see, the month started out really well, then it was fine, and towards the end of the month it was just meh.

Half way through this month, I decided to go down from 4 to 3 posts a week, simply because uni is draining every last bit of energy I have. Feeling stressed out over being constantly behind with the blog does me no good, so I’ve tried to take some pressure off this way. This probably explains the dip in traffic. You might think I’d find this disappointing, but overall I’ve had a 40% increase in views and I’m trying the hardest I can with the time and energy available.

This month I discovered Google Analytics standard report is actually pretty bad at showing your top referrals. Like and (the mobile version) shows up as different sources. It’s even worse with pinterest, where the local versions all have a prefix – like in Denmark it’s, in Germany and so on – and they all show up as different sources! So I set up a custom report to get a better idea of where my traffic comes from.

I like the little graph that comes along with it so you can see how often each site is driving traffic – like the huge spike on facebook.

Additionally, I’ve set up ‘tracking’ for my instagram link. Due to the nature of apps, clicks from instagram usually show up under ‘Direct’ traffic on google analytics, but you can add a few tags to your url to see how many people visit from there. Here’s how it looks

It’s not super pretty, which is why I decided I’d add the full link to my new posts in my bio – which also makes it easier for readers 🙂

Traffic Sources & Social Media Growth

Twitter: I’ve not been very active on Twitter this month, which is a shame! I really need to find time to take parts in more chat, and just generally interact more.

Facebook: My Facebook referrals are unusually high after somebody shared my post What Causes Daily Weight Fluctuations?. That really boosted my traffic for a couple of days, and are partly to blame for the peak in my views. So whoever you are, thank you!

Bloglovin: Compared to last month’s crazy grow, there isn’t much to talk about here. But it makes sense – I haven’t been able to find time to comment a lot or discover new blogs to follow, so it just shows hard work pays off (and the other way around).

Newsletter: I send out my first newsletter this month! It’s going to take some time before I find the format that’s just right for me, so I hope you’ll be patient with me until I figure this out.

Pinterest: So you know I’ve been putting a lot of effort into pinterest lately, but what exactly have I been doing? The short version: BoardBooster. I use it to schedule pins and post to group boards, and it’s so great. I’ve tried using Buffer, Tailwind* and some other services (they all have free trials), and BoardBooster is by far the best and easiest way to post regularly without spending hours on it every day. I post a good mix of my own pins and repins (20% mine, 80% others), and it’s quickly becoming one of my best traffic sources – not to mention all the inspiration I find on there!

Instagram: As I don’t have data from a full month yet, I’ve yet to figure out how good a traffic source Instagram is. Either way I don’t want to use it as a purely promotional tool for my blog, because I like when people post more personal stuff and little updates.

What I want to do better next month

Well this is difficult… I absolutely love blogging, and I wish I had more time to do it, but uni needs to be first priority – and next month is only going to get busier. That means, it would be amazing if my blog continues to grow, but realistically, I’ll have to keep my expectations low, as I simply can’t put in the necessary work.

I’ve been trying to find way to optimize my workflow, because promoting blog posts takes s much time – even more than writing. It’s creating pictures and captions optimized for the different social media, publishing them at the right times, and so on. And I think I’ve found a solution: I have signed up for the CoSchedule* as their new feature, Social Templates, is exactly what I need. Yesterday I took part in a webinar introducing the feature, and it genuinely seems to be sent from the heaven. It’ll take a whole post (maybe even more) to write a fulfilling introduction to all these features and why I love them, so I’ll get to work on that soon 🙂

I’m curious, what’s your best advice on optimizing workflows? Is there a program you swear by? Let me know in the comments! 

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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How I Got Over 10K Views in April - Blog Report
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  1. says: verbalgoldblog

    Love your blog! Everything is great from the layout to the content to the graphics! Great job. Love the pin for later and want more section above too! Blogs are great and I agree Uni should come first. What I recommend is joining a team. Which is what VGB is! It’s a team… a squad of girls from all over the globe! You can become a contributing writer and promote your blog or you can become a bestie and join the #vgbsquad! Either way, you’re able to get the best of both worlds! Check us out at and if you’re interested email or join the fb group VGBsquad!

    1. says: verbalgoldblog

      Oh and the explore more section below! Love and want that for our blog! You’ll have to lmk which widgets you’re installing! 🙂

  2. says: Madara

    This is great. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I sometimes get reaaally frustrated with the amount of work promotion takes. :/ Plus I feel like you have to first break your way in to different Social Media before it starts rolling fluently.. Like Pinterest is still a mystery for me. 😀 Those group boards and so on. And I’ve been wanting to have a more active Facebook page, but that’s like writing another blog. 😀
    Love your stats analysis. I should start to pay attention to mine more. :/ Like really get into it.

    1. says: Anne

      I think you’re right about that! It takes a lot more work to grow than to maintain, so it’s tough climb when you first start out! If you had asked me in January, I wouldn’t even be considering joining Pinterest, I just didn’t get it – but as I realized it’s perfect for driving traffic (it’s literally a ‘blog post bookmarking’ site, where people wants to leave the site to read posts – unlike facebook, where they want to be on facebook!
      I’ve never been good at maintaining a facebook page either, we just gotta prioritize time and energy 🙂 x

  3. says: Mili

    I’ve recently been getting more into looking at my stats and trying to improve my blog. I never bothered before but now I realize how much time it really takes to promote posts! Thanks for sharing your insights 🙂


  4. says: Rorybore

    I never check my stats and now I am beginning to think that is probably a blogger fail. I don’t want to be too concerned with the whole numbers game, but something occurred to me as I was reading your post: those times that I struggle to find WHAT to write about? If I followed my stats I would probably get a better sense of what my readers enjoy. Duh!