Amsterdiary Part 1 – Travels, Visiting Museumplein & Canal Cruises

Amsterdam 2016, Van Gogh Museum and European Athletics Championship

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing some photos from my vacation earlier this month.

I didn’t travel to an island with glorious beaches and lots of sunshine. Instead, I went to Amsterdam with my family, and it was amazing!

This is the vacation from my point of view, excluding pictures of my sweet family because I’m that self-centered to respect their privacy. Though my dad did shoot a few pictures, including some very unglamorous ones of me (thanks dad!).

We start on a Wednesday, for a day of travels.


03:00. (that’s AM) Departure from Denmark. Well that’s what the original plan was, but luckily we pushed it a couple of hours so we could some sleep. We drove the entire way, and it was relatively problem free trip, only delayed by busy german highways.

16:30~ arrive at the hotel. It wasn’t an expensive hotel, far from it – but it had beds, and you don’t need much more when you’re spending the most of the day exploring the city anyway.

Evening: Being tired from the long drive, we just walked a bit around in the area we lived. I quickly fell in love with Amsterdam, it’s a beautiful city with lots of bikes, flowers and canals.

We found a nice little restaurant to eat. All the walls were decorated with cute and funny signs like this.

We were over half way through the meal before we noticed that the restaurant actually had a dog, and it was napping right next to our table. Look at this cute ball of fluff.



Morning: Breakfast at a random cafe near Rijksmuseum (it’s really hard to find breakfast spots that open early)

10:00 Van Gogh Museum: We were lucky to live a short walk away from a tram station – trams are an incredibly easy way to get around Amsterdam, and all lines basically go to the central station at the heart of the city. Everything we visited over the week were less than a 10-minute walk away from a tram station – that includes the Van Gogh Museum, where it stopped right outside.

The only problem we had with the tram, was understanding the speaker, who announces the stop. Dutch is similar to Danish and German, but the pronunciation is not at all. But thanks to daily travels back and forth, I almost learnt to say Cornelis Schuytstraat.

Back to the museum: We were smart and had bought the tickets in advance, because the queue can get ridiculously long (by saying we, I mean my dad). It was a very fascinating experience, and I learned a lot about the fascinating painter.

Fun trivia fact: My sister is nearly as obsessed as I am with dogs. This is how it goes every time we see a dog.

“There’s a dog!”

“It’s so cute!!!!”

“All dogs are so cute!!”

Afternoon at Museumplein: The European Athletic Championship, which was how we got the idea to travel to Amsterdam in the first place, started this day. A few of the qualifying rounds were held here instead of at the stadium so more people had a chance to experience it.

18:00 Pizza cruise. Ah, the pizza cruise. Definitely a high light! If you don’t know much about Amsterdam, I can tell you it’s like 50% water thanks to all the canals. This means a canal cruise is an amazing way to experience a city and see all the beautiful building, bridges and houseboats. To make it even better, you can sail by a pizzeria and pick up pizzas for everybody 🙂

Eating pizza is a very important task that requires 100% focus

I think this is the perfect picture to end the first part of my Amsterdam diary entry, don’t you?!

The next part will be up tomorrow. See you then!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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  1. says: Thirty By 30 With Courtney!

    I adored Amsterdam. I actually ended up staying there for two days longer than I anticipated this summer. I, too, loved the bikes, flowers, and canals. The weather was annoying at times but the city was to picturesque I didn’t mind too much. I wish I had known about the pizza cruise while I was there! lol