Workout systems to try: AMRAP + A HIIT Bodyweight Workout

WTF is AMRAP and how can you use it to make an awesome workout?

AMRAP is short for As Many Rounds As Possible and is a way to structure a workout often used in Crossfit. These workouts are often with a high intensity, as you need to complete as many rounds as possible of a given set of exercises without rest for a set time.

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This workout takes about 12 minutes to complete and mainly targets the lower body and core.

It can be done right at home, and you don’t need any equipment, but you can make some of the exercises more challenging by using dumbbells. There are more suggestions on how you can modify this workout to your fitness level in the end of the post.

Although not important information as far as the workout goes, I’d like to point out that the lighting in my room is terrible. I have two big windows, but there’s a 4 m tall bush growing right outside, stealing all the sunshine from me – so that’s why it looks like I have the weirdest tan 🙂

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12 minutes core & legs HIIT bodyweight AMRAP workout

This AMRAP is split into to 2 separate ones.

For the first 6 minutes, you’ll do as many rounds as possible of:

  • 10 forward lunges (to each side)
  • 15 mountain climbers (to each side)
  • 10 sumo squats

For the next 6 minutes, you’ll do:

  • 10 side lunges (to each side)
  • 15 shoulder tap planks (to each side)
  • 10 burpees

The Exercises


how to do lunges

When you’re doing it’s important to keep the front knee aligned with your toes, not letting it fall inwards.

Mountain climbers

how to do mountain climbers

Start out in plank position, keeping your core tight. Pull one knee towards your chest, then back into plank position, alternating between each side and keeping a high tempo.

Sumo squats

how to do sumo squats

As far as knee-alignment in the lunge goes, it also applies to squats. In the sumo squat you use a much wider stance than normal and your feet should be turned out slightly. This places more emphasis on the inner thighs than normal squats. Keep your core activated so your lower back don’t round, and remember to distribute the weight on your feet so your heels stay in the ground.

Side lunges

how to do side lunges

When stepping out, make sure your knee and toes are aligned. Try to keep your chest up, drive through your entire foot when you step out.

Shoulder tap planks

how to do shoulder tap planks

Keeping your core engaged so your hips don’t fall down, stand in a plank position and alternate between tapping each shoulder with the opposite hand. Try to avoid rotating in your body when you lift your arm.

Make it easier: The further out your feet are, the easier it is to avoid rotating.


how to do burpees

Burpees are always a favourite!

… Said no one ever.

Whether you squat down, jump into plank position, then back up or add a push up in the middle is up to you.

A HIIT Bodyweight AMRAP workout that targets your legs + core. Image: Anne stretching her thighs
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PS If you think you my legs look a bit beat up, it’s nothing serious. Well, I was in a minor car accident but it’s nearly healed by now 🙂

Modify the workout to your level

It’s important to listen to your body and adjust the workout to your level if necessary.

Make it easier:

  • Take breaks more often or make the breaks longer
  • Make fewer reps of each exercise
  • Shorten the work periods – either the total time, or more, shorter rounds
  • Substitute exercises with an easier variation, like tricep dips with bent legs

Make it harder:

  • Increase the load (by using (heavier) weights)
  • Increase the total time of each AMRAP
  • Substitute exercises with a more challenging variation, like decline push ups instead of regular push ups, or adding push ups to your burpee
  • Make sure you’re hitting the full range of motion
  • Do another workout afterwards

You might also want to try one of these workouts:

Have you ever tried an AMRAP workout? Let me know in the comments!

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Workout systems to try: AMRAP + A HIIT Bodyweight WorkoutWorkout systems to try: AMRAP + A HIIT Bodyweight WorkoutWorkout systems to try: AMRAP + A HIIT Bodyweight Workout
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      Haha it’s easy to select the pictures where I don’t look like a dork 😋 Thank you, I’d love to hear what you think if you do give it a try x

  1. says: Corinne

    I love the gifs! NowI want to try this! I do AMRAPs as in as many reps as possible lifting weights, usually after doing 3 sets but never on a workout like this!

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