24 Cozy Christmas Questions

What brings out the Christmas spirit IN you?

How well do you know the christmas preferences of the people around you?

December is here, and I’ve been doubly excited about its arrival. Partly because it means S and I get the keys to the new apartment, partly because oh, it’s December. And December means Christmas!

I was inspired by Lene and Blogguides.dk to post my own answers to these Christmas questions. I love to learn about other people’s family traditions around Christmas – so if you have one to share, or want to answer these questions yourself, you’re welcome to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

If you’re not from Denmark, some of the traditions and elements I mention might be completely foreign to you. So I’ve added wiki-links wherever I think you might need an explanation.

How Christmassy are you really?


Did you believe in Santa Claus as a kid?

My memory isn’t quite good enough to remember a time where I believed Santa Claus came to visit us. And I found it suspicious by Dad always got a bad stomach and had to go to the bathroom right before Santa got here.

What I definitely did believe, was that a Nisse lived on our attic. And if we brought him risengrød (rice pudding) he’d put little gifts in our Christmas stockings overnight. If we didn’t, he’d be trouble!

Anne receiving a big present from Santa Claus
Photographic proof that Santa is real. Probably taken in 1999.


How many names of Santa’s reindeers can you mention without Google?

Ehm…. Rudolph and Prancer. And if I can switch to Danish for a second, I think there’s also a pair called Torden and Lynild.

So, like… half of them?


Have you ever built a gingerbread house?

No, I’ve never dared. I once helped bake the parts with my cousin, and then her mom built and decorated it (which was probably a good call, I would have ruined it).


What three things bring out the christmas spirit in you?

  1. The smell (and act) of baking Christmas goodies with my mom
  2. Getting out the big box of Christmas decorations, with all the memories connected to the decorations my siblings and I made as we were younger.
  3. Bringing the Christmas tree into the living room

November and December are such dark months in Denmark, so I love when people put up lots of lights, making the dark more bearable.

Christmas tree with ligts
Odense downtown with Christmas lights.


Do you bake or buy christmas cookies?

I do both!

Buy: pebernødder and brunkager (because they’re just better than any homemade recipe I’ve ever tried)

Bake: Everything else! My favorites are Santa Buttons and coco-balls – and I might share the recipes for them on the blog later in December.

Christmas cokkies: pebernødder and Santa buttons.


When do you start decorating for Christmas?

In my parents house there’s a rule: No Christmas until after my brother’s birthday on the 25th of November. Then we decorate on either the First Sunday of Advent, or December 1st – whichever comes first!

Danish christmas calendar light. Dansk: kalenderlys.

What’s your Christmas Style


Dress-up or casual Christmas

In my family, we dress up for dinner on Christmas Eve. As soon as we’re done dancing around the Christmas tree, opening gifts and such, the PJs come back on – and the stay on throughout Christmas day, usually.

Anne lighting the candles on the Christmas tree.


What’s your ChristmAs colors?


I know some people only decorate their tree and home in specific colours, but we go all in on everything – most of our decorations are somewhat ugly things my siblings and I crafted when we were younger.

Anne lighting the candles on the Christmas tree.


White or colored candles?

We always have white candles on the Christmas tree. I don’t know if that’s a conscious choice, or if it’s just the color they mostly make candles of the size we need.

Advent light candle decorations. Danish: Adventskrans.


What’s your favorite decoration?

I think this Rudolph ball is super cute!

Rudolph hanging from the Christmas tree.

And these huge stars my sister and I made a pretty cool too

Anne with two big origami stars.
Anne with two big origami stars.

I don’t have a picture of my other favorite, but your eyes should be happy to be spared of the sight. My siblings and I all went to the same kindergarten, were it’s a tradition for the children to make clay nisser every December. And they are horrifyingly terrible. But we get a good laugh out of them every year.


Are ugly christmas sweaters go or no-go?

GO! … except I don’t actually own one. But I’d 100% rock it if I did.

What’s your  Christmas favorites?


What is your favorite christmas tRadition

I love all of them. But if I had to pick a favorite or two of that list, it’s number 11 and 20; Baking cookies and decorating the tree!

Christmas cookie production
Christmas cookie decoration

I also like my blog-tradition of writing a “Merry Christmas”-post every year:


What’s your favorite christmas movie?

I have a confession to make: I don’t really like Christmas movies that much. But I love the British TV tradition of making Christmas editions of all the good panel shows and series.


What’s your favorite christmas song?

I don’t have one favorite; I do enjoy Christmas song, but I need to listen to them on rotation to not get tired of the same, overplayed song.


What’s your Favorite christmas food?

I almost don’t have favorite here too – but in this case, it’s because I love everything so much!

But if I have to choose, my favorites are the cookies, cocoballs and æbleskiver.

Christmas table set with decorations


What’s your favorite chRistmas memory?

There’s so many! Especially from my childhood.

Like when we got Lego as gifts and would stay up late to build these amazing things. Seeing the happy faces of my family as they received what was on the top of their wishlist. Spending time with family in a relaxed context.

Anne with nisse from Kindergarten
Back in Kindergarten throughout December kids would take turns getting a visit from this Nisse. Then we’d tell stories of what kind of trouble they’d been up to the next day, before another kid took them home.
It was the best thing.
Anne with nisse from Kindergarten
Anne with nisse from Kindergarten


What’s your favorite christmas calendar?

So, I don’t think Christmas calendars (Julekalender) are a thing outside of the nordic countries, so I should explain what they are before I answer the question.

It’s a televised advent calendar of a series with 24 episodes. A new episode airs every day between the 1st and the 24th of December. Most of the time they’re for kids, but they can also be for adults.

(Like last year, wear the TV show Natholdet made a Julekalender were they drank one specialty beer each episode. However, it was all filmed in a single sitting, so they got progressively more drunk as Christmas got closer. It was brilliant).

As a little girl, Jul på Slottet was my absolute favorite (until I rewatched some of it a few years ago, and realized I can never rewatch it. The real thing is not even close to living up to my memory of it!). I obviously loved Pyrus and Bamses julerejse too!


Who do you spend ChristmAs Eve with?

Christmas 2018 is going to be special: For the first time in my 24 years long life, I’m not celebrating Christmas at home. Normally I’m with my parents and my 3 siblings. My grandparents also used to come to our house. Until my grandfather passed away, and my grandmother got too old to travel or be away from her home for more than a few hours.

But this year, it’s different. I’ll be spending Christmas Eve with S and his family.

Anne's sister holding christmas tree decorations up in front of her face
My sister, hiding


How do spend Christmas day?

Short answer: Doing as little as possible!

It’s lazy day, where we play around with our gifts, watch movies (my brother usually gets a DVD or two) and play board games. And eat lots of Christmas treats, of course!

What about the gifts?


Are homemade gifts go or no-go?

They’re not a no-go in my book. Homemade gifts, when made with love, can be the most thoughtful and caring gift. Something as simple as a  handwritten card is something I really appreciate.


Are gifts to adults go or no-Go?

Still a go in my family.


If you could only give one gift this year, who would receive it?

I don’t know how to choose between all my loved ones! But I think the best way to maximize joy with a single gift (in a price range I can afford), is giving my family a fun and engaging board game.


What’s the top three on your wish list this year?

If I have to say something realistic (unlike world peace, ending systematic oppression, smashing the patriarchy, etc), here’s what’s on my wishlist:

Furniture, especially a double bed instead of our current 1.5 for our new apartment. A nightstand, plants, art for the walls and whatever else we need to make our flat feel like our home. Basically, a gift card to Ikea would be brilliant.

Of course, there’s lots more I’d love to get, but I don’t like fueling the materialistic side of my personality. I find it only makes me want even more stuff, while silencing that voice makes me more appreciative of what I have and overall happier.


Does your family have any alternative Christmas traditions?

S claims my side of the family is really weird (and to be fair he’s probably right).

But I don’t think it’s that weird, because I’ve never experienced another way.

Generally, Christmas traditions are weird, and I’m sure many international readers will find all our Danish tradition weird. Which they are, but I still love them.

One tradition is that we always take a group picture in front of the Christmas tree – followed by lots of silly ones!

One normal, one silly Christmas picture with Anne looking like a T-Rex
I don’t want to share pictures of my family, so you’ll have to make do with a cropped version.

A bonus question


Why are there only 24 questions?

Because in Denmark, Christmas Eve, the 24th, is the big day, not Christmas Day, the 25th.

What brings out the Christmas spirit in you? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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24 Cozy Christmas Questions24 Cozy Christmas Questions
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