12 Seconds of Gratitude (no. 8)

A quick list of reasons to be grateful & an exercise in finding the good in each day

Every evening at 9 pm, a little reminder pops up on my phone.

It tells me to write down 3 things I’m grateful for.

This is an exercise I do as part of my pursuit to have a positive mindset, even when faced with challenges from depression, anxiety and chronic pain. This is something I used to do from time to time years back – before finding the good in every day became an absolute necessity. Looking back at the little snippets of joy still warms my heart. That’s why I started making a daily list again.

I hope this will either give you a quick injection of joy and/or inspire you to practice more gratitude in your life ♥.

I’m grateful for…

  • Watching the new series of A Series of Unfortunate Events, cuddled up on the couch with S
  • My new monitor. Due to neck pain, it’s uncomfortable to sit at the desk with my laptop – getting a monitor (as well as a keyboard and mouse) has made it better (even though I can’t sit and work for extended periods of time)
  • S being loving and caring on a high pain day like today where I feel unworthy (On one hand, I really don’t want these posts to be over the top with icky over-the-top lovey-dovey stuff. On the other hand, that’s the one area of my life that’s going great right now, and I’m very grateful for that).
  • I blogged today! Proud of myself for working on overcoming the anxiety I’ve had about my writing and sharing my work lately
  • Pita for dinner. I could have it every day (it’s my first reply whenever S asks what I want for dinner 😅)
  • I went on a long walk and met a dog (it’s borderline embarrassing how happy I become when I get to say hello to a dog).
  • Been blog blog blogging today – and it was enjoyable!
  • Rewatching the Office on HBO (and introducing S to it). There’s some real gems in that show. Especially Jim & Pam’s pranks (and their cute relationship)
  • Working out (and training S) at home. I’m in pain now, but honestly, all this inactivity is driving me crazy too, so it’s a relief to do some exercise (even if I have to take it easy).
  • Brunch with smoothies and omelette
  • I made a cool plugin thing today! And finished reading a book!
  • That I didn’t break down crying at an important meeting I had (which would make coming back in a few weeks a lot harder).

What are you grateful for? Share your joys in a comment below!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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12 Seconds of Gratitude (no. 8)
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  1. says: Claudia

    šŸ™‚ Meeting dogs is so much fun!
    Glad you didn’t break down crying at the meeting.
    I’m going to have to hold back my tears at a meeting, today, too :/
    Wish me luck!