12 Seconds of Gratitude (no. 7)

A quick list of reasons to be grateful & an exercise in finding the good in each day

Every evening at 9 pm, a little reminder pops up on my phone.

It tells me to write down 3 things I’m grateful for.

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these posts, so I have a bit of a backlog full of gratitude to catch up on – the biggest thing in the past 1-2 months being moving in with S!

This is an exercise I do as part of my pursuit to have a positive mindset, even when faced with challenges from depression, anxiety and chronic pain. This is something I used to do from time to time years back – before finding the good in every day became an absolute necessity. Looking back at the little snippets of joy still warms my heart. That’s why I started making a daily list again.

I hope this will either give you a quick injection of joy and/or inspire you to practice more gratitude in your life ♥.

I’m grateful for…

  • Libraries. Because they are freaking amazing. And because I picked up two books that I’m excited to read.
  • This new apartment. It’s everything we could have hoped for and then some. I could write a whole gratitude post about just this place!
  • Living with S. Also due to a long list of reasons. Mostly I just love seeing him every day now
  • How well my neck handled the move. I was mindful of not carrying to many heavy things for too long, and I was actually fine (aside from normal tiredness). It’s first on day 2, now, the pain is taking over.
  • Sunday snuggling up on the couch, hiding under my duvet. I’ve been feeling tired today, and I appreciate that I now don’t have spend hours in my bed whether I’m feeling well or unwell. I love living in an actual apartment!
  • Sent two job applications today. I don’t enjoy writing them, but I enjoy getting it over with – and hopefully they’ll eventually lead to something good.
  • Got my bike fixed. I thought I was weak and out of shape, but really it was just a broken gear and a flat tire that made me feel that way (…let’s just pretend it’s only that, please)
  • I’ve learned to create custom blocks for the new WordPress editor. and how to use git/GitHub for coding projects.
  • Sitting in my rocking chair in the book corner, as I’m doing right now, reading a book.
  • How nicely our home is coming together. I continue to feel love every day I wake up in this apartment, and want to write it down on my gratitude list every evening.
  • Having a really productive day, and still making time for myself to rest and recharge.
  • Meeting my new GP today went fairly well. Especially grateful that she was open to the idea of referring me to a Pain Center where they specialise in chronic pain.

What are you grateful for? Share your joys in a comment below!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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12 Seconds of Gratitude (no. 7)
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