12 Seconds of Gratitude (no. 10)

A quick list of reasons to be grateful & an exercise in finding the good in each day

A quick list of reasons to be grateful & an exercise in finding the good in each day

Every evening at 9 pm, a little reminder pops up on my phone.

It tells me to write down 3 things I’m grateful for.

This is an exercise I do as part of my pursuit to have a positive mindset, even when faced with challenges from depression, anxiety and chronic pain. This is something I used to do from time to time years back – before finding the good in every day became an absolute necessity. Looking back at the little snippets of joy still warms my heart. That’s why I started making a daily list again.

I hope this will either give you a quick injection of joy and/or inspire you to practice more gratitude in your life ♥.

I’m grateful for…

  • The brief moments where I feel mindful or present in my body and actually experience pleasant sensations in my body. Like I’m capable of feeling different things from pain??? How cool!
  • Feeling okay with not covering my stomach with a shirt or high waisted shorts (while being alone in the apartment)
  • Feeling the warm sunshine all over my body
  • The smell coming from the kitchen right now, where S is cooking dinner
  • A good day. Not a lot have happened, but I feel joy in my heart
  • Being welcomed home by my parents, with lots of love and tasty food
  • Getting home (home home) alright, in spite of the real creepy dude at the train station
  • Grateful for the wonderful weather and my cozy spot in the sunshine on the balcony with my new chair
  • I felt beautiful today
  • I revealed to a broader circle of my friends (meaning Facebook friends) that I have chronic pain. Which was a huge step out of my comfort zone (and really hard to revert), but I felt it was necessary part of shaking of the shame, accepting my new life and taking responsibility for it. I’ve had no negative reactions so far, only positive ones.
  • Watching the new How to Train Your Dragon 3 (forgotten what it’s called more than that) with S
  • A peaceful walk outside

What are you grateful for? Share your joys in a comment below!

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  • This is such a great idea and something I’m going to introduce into my own evening routine. I think it’s so important to appreciate, and reflect on, the little things.