10 tips for a healthier & happier December

10 tips for a healthier & happier December

Christmas is coziness, it’s decorating, it’s family, it’s sharing love through gifts and gestures.

And it is eating. Preferably christmas cookies, and lots of them 🙂

But there are ways you can make December just a little  healthier – without taking away all the joy.


There’s no way I’m going running in the winter – mainly because I have a knee that won’t allow me to run, but when the temperature drops below 0 degrees, so does my motivation. But a walk through the park gives me peace, energy and exercise. Take a friend or a camera in your hand for extra entertainment.


It’s a christmas tradition in my family to have a little board game tournament over the holidays. We even have a trophy! Which I of course stole won last year. Don’t neglect the positive effect laughing and spending time loved ones have on your well-being.


Winter swimming is not my thing, and I doubt it ever will be. But you don’t need to jump into ice cold water to enjoy swimming. An indoor pool let’s you exercise without freezing outside, and swimming is very easy on the joints.


I do not believe you should deny yourself the pleasure of christmas treats even though they’re not considered “healthy”. But it is nearly impossible to only indulge in moderation if your sitting near a jar full of cookies if your stomach is empty.  Oranges, dates, almonds and other nuts are also great alternative christmas snacks.


Christmas can be stressful – there’s so many presents to buy, cards to write, food to make, people to visit. Practice yoga to calm your mind while exercising your body.


A great alternative to yoga is simply meditating. Take some time to sit for yourself, relax, focus on your breathing, how your body is feeling. Pay attention to yourself, even though it’s easy to forget when you’re feeling stressed.


Pick up your favorite, or the one you’ve been meaning to read for so long. Make a cup of tea. Light a candle. Snuggle up beneath a candle – and let yourself disappear into another world. An hour or just 10 minutes, it doesn’t matter.


Because of my mental health issues at the moment, I have no motivation to go to the gym. Instead, I’ve started using the 7 minute app – it’s great for home workouts and doesn’t require any equipment. I plan to use it when I go home to my parents as well. The short duration of the workouts makes it easy to squeeze them in anywhere – and you can also do longer workouts and target specific bodyparts if you change the settings.


Now’s a great time to search for healthy alternative recipes to your favorite cookies and snacks. Even if you don’t want to eat the cookies, baking with family and loud christmas music is fun.


Honestly, this is a pretty shit idea. But it’s something I’ve tried – no I wasn’t drunk. I was just a kid. My parents had said – as a joke I think now –  that if we ran around the christmas tree 100 times we could open our presents. A nice way to distract us we they cleaned up in the kitchen (in Denmark it’s custom to open presents on christmas eve). I can be quite competitive, so of course I had to run 200 laps?! Quite uncomfortable when you’ve just had a huge meal – not doing that again.

How are you getting through December? What is your tip for making December healthier and happier? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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  1. says: corinnaweber

    Hi! Love your tips. I try to go out for a walk every day for an hour. Otherwise I am cold indoor…sitting on the computer all day long with cold feet does not make one happy right!? I also hulahoop while hearing my favorite songs ore workout with Jessica Smith. Just love her videos. Best thing to do however is going to a Christmas Market! Happy Holidays!

    1. says: Annesmiles

      Hey Corinna! That’s really good. I’ve never heard of Jessica Smith, I’ll have to check her out.
      Yes, cities are so lovely during Christmas. Happy Holidays! 🙂

  2. says: Ron Hervey

    200 laps around the Christmas tree? Ha! I would be lucky to do 75 (I’m not as young as I use to be). I enjoyed the post very much. Thanks for posting.

  3. says: pyramidfusion

    Giggling over running around the Christmas tree! Also giggling over reading a book, because several years ago I got hooked into The Hunger Games series, and I spend all of break telling everyone to be quiet and leave me alone, I WAS READING!!!! Yes, yoga is a lifesaver, as is meditation.

    1. says: Annesmiles

      Haha I thought it would be fun to share a memory, eventhough it’s quite silly 🙂
      Ah The Hunger Games are so hard to put down once yuu’ve started, so I can understand that!