10 GIFS, 10 Super Important GoT Questions

To be completely honest with you, I’m not sure I’m fit to be health blogger.

At least if that means I can never write about anything besides health. I like to make personal or silly posts once in awhile. And it seems like you guys enjoy them as well!

I recently came across a Game of Thrones-tag (Update: On a blog that’s now been deleted), and I’m known for being a bit obsessed with that you show (like millions of other people). And I thought the questions would make the perfect 3rd edition of my ’10 GIFs, 10 Super Important Questions’ and as preparation for the season 6 finale!

For the GIF game, the rules are simple: I can only answer the following questions with gifs. In this case, not all questions can be answered with just GIFs in a way that makes sense to people who are not inside my head, so I might have to cheat a little.

Just to be fair here’s a spoiler alert, although I’m trying not to mention anything from the most recent episodes of this series.

#1 | Books or TV show?

#2 |  You are born into one of the noble houses, which is it?

#3 | If you could have one of the other a Dragon or a Dire Wolf, which would you choose?

#4 | What has been the saddest death for you?

(But also Lady, Grey wind, Summer and Shaggydog. Not to forget the Red Wedding – that’s back when I was reading the books years ago, before knowing what kind of show it really was. That is, the kind of show that kills everything you loves and leaves you crying, unable to ever love again. Some might say Ned and Robb, but tbh that was kind of their own fault.)

#5 | Out of those dead, or presumed dead, who would you bring back and why?

(Both of them)

Otherwise I’d say Lady Stoneheart, but by bringing her back I mean include her on the show, please.

#6 | Who were you most happy to see killed?

(There’s another one as well, but it was so recent I don’t want to risk spoiling it)

#7 | Who do you think would make the best spouse? (Think logically and not just who you think is best looking!)

#8 | Out of all methods used to kill on the show, which would you rather use to kill and which would least like to be killed by?

This is instead of this GIF from episode 9 because spoilers:

(This is a horrible question. I am sorry you had to read that. Also, you need to guess which one is which.)

#9 | ‘When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.’ Tell us your favourite quote from the show.

#10 | How do you think the show will end?

Normal blogging will resume on Monday 😃

Who else is excited about the season finale? Let me know what you think of Game of Thrones in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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  1. says: Michelle Lynne

    I love this! I just recently got into the show and watched all 6 seasons in a month. IT’S SO GOOD. If it’s okay – I’m going to do this tag on my blog (and definitely will link to your post, of course!)

  2. says: wordsbykatie

    This couldn’t be more relatable. We’ve just powered through 4 seasons in 2 weeks & can’t get enough. We’ve got the the point where we plan our days around how we can get the most GoT time in!