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... Practice better energy management. When I wake up feeling fairly energized and at an okay pain level in the morning, I feel like I have to take advantage of it and get some work out of the way. Which I now realize, is often causing me to crash before it's even lunch time. Then I feel tired and in pain for the rest of the day. Dinner am See Berlin

7 Things I Want to Do in March

Saying goodbye to the old month, and hello to the new! My plans for March includes a big party, an anniversary and learning pain management techniques – what are yours?

Open book with a cup of hot cocoa

Book Reviews: My Year in Books (pt. 2)

We continue the reviewing the list of books I read last year. In this part, we’re covering two different kinds of doctors, how to be successful in sport and in life and science fiction space travel.

Anne sitting in her book corner in a rocking chair, wearing a cozy thick sweater and smiling

I Might Finally Be Getting Help

And by getting help, I don’t mean in the vague sense that’s code for quitting drugs or treating a mental illness – I’ve already done that!
I’ve finally been referred to a Pain Clinic, and will be getting help for my chronic neck pain.

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