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8 Things I Want to Do in June

Saying goodbye to May, and hello to June! Here are some of my plans for the new month, like finally buying a bikini, vote and trying TENS – what are yours?

Anne sitting in sports bra and leggings, belly rolls visible

Confession time

So… I want to encourage you to respect and take care of your body regardless of how it look, not waiting until your reach a specific size. But I still chicken out sometimes.

8 THINGS I WANT TO DO IN MAY - Anne smiling below a cherry tree blossoming

8 Things I Want to Do in May

Saying goodbye to the April, and hello to May! Here are some of my plans for the new month – like getting a perfect Calm streak and finish the poster wall in my living room. What are yours?

Book Reviews: My Year in Books (pt. 3)

We’re continuing to review (and maybe recommend) the list of books I read in 2018, and this round covers a couple of danish books, and epic fantasy read, a book to throw at instagrammers and a thought-provoking read.

Get your sweat on!