The Recipes That Never Were

The Recipes That Never Were

Food is one of my favorite things in the world – I couldn’t live without it! (Ha. Ha. So funny). But something I’m less good at, is cooking the stuff.

It’s just too much effort to prepare a delicious compared to how long it takes to eat and clean it up. And then you have to cook – up to multiple times a day, everyday. I’m just not having it. This is why I found a boyfriend that likes to cook.

So my efforts to create recipes for this blog doesn’t always go well. Looking through my archives, I realized how many pictures I have of food, that I meant to turn into a recipe, but it just never happened, mainly for one of three reasons:

  1. The pictures were good, but the taste was kinda bleh, so I didn’t want to post the recipe (nor delete the pictures)
  2. Pictures good, recipe good…. I just didn’t write it down immediately, and obviously forgot it. Oops!
  3. No matter how delicious it looks and taste, bad lightning can make any food look awful.

Here’s 5 recipes that never made it onto the blog

Pancake mountain

There’s so many different ways to make pancakes (I’ve already posted a couple 1 / 2). I remember this being a particularly good one with oatmeal, but unfortunately that’s all I remember about the ingredients. It’s probably the prettiest pancake pictures I’ve taken.

Perfect blueberry smoothie

Bean fries

It’s not even that I forgot the recipe for this one, it’s just so simple it seemed lazy to dedicate an entire post to it. I did, however, forget the recipe for the ‘frikadeller’ you can spot on the top picture.

Healthier sausage rolls

I tried making some broccoli chicken sausage rolls, but I ended using way too much rye flour. It’s not that they weren’t edible, they were just very solid.


The bad lightening sorta comes into play here. I made these the night before a study group meeting. And I did write the recipe down for the group, I just never got around to translating it (It can actually be surprisingly difficult to translate recipes).

Which of the 5 recipes do you wish you could taste? Let me know in the comments!

The recipes that never were - because not everything makes it onto the blog! || Click through to read more, or repin to save for later
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The recipes that never were - because not everything makes it onto the blog! || Click through to read more, or repin to save for later
The recipes that never were - because not everything makes it onto the blog! || Click through to read more, or repin to save for later



  • I feel you! I am glad I am not the only one who comes up with recipes that don’t always turn out how I expect or hope. I am not really a recipe cooker, even when I follow someone else’s recipe I end up going rogue and adding or substituting. When I review a cookbook I discipline myself to follow recipes for the review, but it is so hard. So when I develop a recipe for my readers to recreate I have to take a lot of progress pictures so I can remember how I did it if it turned out well. The pancakes look amazing, but I usually find pancakes unsatisfying as I get full then am hungry again minutes later. The smoothie looks great!

    • You’re certainly not alone! It can be a real struggle to recreate (or just remember) recipes when you accidentally make it up as you go.
      Thank you! x

  • Bring me the frikadellers with the beans, please 😛 Also, one of these buns 🙂
    Not good, that I’m still at university: I’m hungry now. Haha.

    • I will! But first I need to know what frikadeller is called in english haha 😀 You shouldn’t be at uni this late, that’s not fair! 🙁 xx

      • I looked it up and I think it might be rissole. 😉 It would be so much easier if you’re blog were in German because you could just literally strike through the last r, because it’s just “Frikadelle” haha.
        I KNOW, RIGHT? Will take me another semester though, to end this madness ^^ But then, I’ll be able to go home at 6pm, yay. 😉

        P.S.: Have you seen that I can’t even spell my nickname correctly? I’m such a dumb mess =’DDD

        • I think you’re right! Weird, I’ve never heard that before. There’s just a slight, shall we say difficulty, when it comes to German – I’ve had it in school for 6 years and I’m still terrible at it xD

          That is madness! I hope you still have time to rest once in a while! Haha, I’ve fixed it now so no one will ever know 😀