The whole ‘No excuses’ mentality is thriving in the fitness world. But is it really that healthy?

I have a problem with the belief that people should feel bad about themselves if fitness isn’t their #1 priority in life. That they should feel bad for skipping or missing a workout every once in a while. That no excuse is valid, under any circumstances.

There’re very few people who can live a life like that, and maybe even fewer that wants to. And that’s okay.

I love working out, and it’s usually an enjoyable part of my day-to-day life.

But it’s not always like that, and that’s okay.

So I’m turning the no excuses mentality on its head, and writing a list of things I refuse to apologise for.

I refuse to say sorry for not working out…

  • Because my knee was hurting
  • Because it was my friend’s birthday
  • Because my boyfriend made an amazing dinner
  • Because I was feeling unwell
  • Because allergies left me unable to breathe
  • Because I had to study
  • Because I was caught up in a good book
  • Because I didn’t want to leave my bed
  • Because I was exhausted from school
  • Because it was raining
  • Because I was still sore from my last workout
  • Because it’s been too long since I spent time with family and friends
  • Because I wasn’t feeling it

I refuse to say sorry for…

  • Being comfortable with who I am
  • Being confident, even when it comes to my ‘flaws’
  • Being proud of my strength, even though so many people are stronger than me
  • Eating candy on a Friday night, cuddling with my boyfriend
  • Possibly never running again because my body just can’t
  • Spending my morning sleeping in and enjoying a glorious breakfast and watch tv instead squeezing in a workout before classes.
  • Being imperfect
  • Being human

I won’t say sorry for being me, for living my life. I won’t excuse my choices. I choose how to live my life. And I will live it unapologetically.

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The whole 'no excuses' mentality is thriving in the fitness world. But is it really that healthy?
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