Monday Motivation #21

Hi friends! It’s time for some Monday Motivation, where I talk about the challenges and goals I want to achieve this week (in preparation for world domination!). Also, puppies.

How was your week?

Here are a few snippets from mine

…. I got a feeling of what it’s like to study again with a couple of LONG days with lectures. Conclusion? It’s HARD and makes my head hurt

…. I ended up taking Friday off because reading up at home gives me the same outcome when it comes to learning, and I don’t feel dead afterwards

…. I practised making double chins. For fitness.

…. Because I met with my physiotherapist again about my neck/shoulder pain and headaches – and that’s one of the exercises she’s making me do.

…. I got a new gym buddy! Who is also my best life buddy aka my boyfriend.


… Was all by myself in the gym on a Friday night. Which means dancing to the music and having fun – then checking to make sure you’re really alone.

…. Started reading The Paradox of Choice -Why more is Less by Barry Schwartz


…. I went to see my family and celebrate my brother turning 20

…. My mum is the best and made me a goodie bag with all the Christmas things and cookies

Monday Motivation - A Weekly Goal Setting Challenge by Annesmiles

Things I’m totally gonna do this week probably

  • Gym 4 times: 4 is a good number. I only managed 3 times last week, but I don’t have as many classes – which means I won’t be totally exhausted every day.
  • Blog: Believe it or not, I haven’t touched the blog in a week. I haven’t done any blogging since I typed up the last Monday postStupid education. This is my happy place and I hate when I don’t have time for blogging – but when I’m stressed I need to take care of my mental health and myself first. (I hope you understand)

Things that’ll show up on the blog this week so get excited!

  • Workout: This week we’re incorporating EMOMs into a home workout (I said that last week – but this it’s actually happening!)

Things I posted a really long time ago that we’ve all happily forgotten about

Things that are too cute for this world

Because cute animals are the key to happiness and this way I can pretend I’m being productive when I spend hours looking at puppies“It’s for the blog!!!

I mean look at…

… this drunk wolf

… this too cute for words

… this happy little dreamer

What do you want to achieve this week? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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  • Happy Monday! Heres to hopefully another great week – I hope you achieve everything you want to! 🙂 xxx


  • Awwww, I always love your puppy videos.
    I’m gonna try to workout 3-5 times this week, cause I really need to get back into it. It’s actually helping me so much in every way of my life (not only weightloss lol) but it can be so hard for me to get my sh*t together sometimes haha.
    Don’t feel bad for not blogging that much! Studying is hard and keeping up with every single hobby and taking time for yourself can be tough with all that stress. 🙂

    • Just trying to spread a bit of puppy positivity (pupsitivity?) 😀
      It’s so hard to find time for studying AND blogging AND working out (and having fun and relaxing because those are necessary too) 😅 Will this ever get easier?