May in One Post – My Month in Pictures

Hello June! Summer is so close I can always see it – just behind the ugly mountain of exams.

I’m so glad I’m not the who has hand in a dissertation right now, like so many other people. Although the thought of graduating isn’t a bad one; I for one, still have a lot of work to do before I get. So congratulations to everyone who’s graduating this month!

Looking back at May, it’s been an interesting one. At uni, we’re currently doing a class called Team development, coaching and performance optimization, simulating what it’s like to be an elite player or coach at a basket team. It’s super interesting, but it’s also very demanding. There’s a lot of focus on competition, and as someone who needs to learn to put less pressure on herself, it’s far from optimal. But I’ll keep fighting to get through it.

This month I…

Iconosquare-export-2129522581-24_May_2016-100007… Woke up early on a Sunday and made cake. Played basket at uni (and lost)


… went to my first yin yoga class, updated my CV and realised how bad my pull up game is.


…had smoothies as always (should I even be writing this), made weird faces and ate fruit (I know, these are the moments that will play a key part when my life is turned into a movie).


…Tried a BodyFit class for the first time – to get bikini body ready, obviously


… did not run the Nordic race, even though it looks super awesome and I hope my knee will let me do it one day


…was nominated for The Health Blog Award (so excited!!)


…had a kind of tough month mentally, but tried to make the best of it anyway

How was your month? Let me know in the comments!

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