Lovely Little Things: Preloved Fashion, Café Fleuri + more!

It’s worth remembering the little things and moments in life that brings you joy. Here’s some of my recent favorites.

My absolute favorite thing about April is that it’s finally spring! It’s just easier to get out of bed when it’s not freezing and dark, and my mood gets a wonderful boosts from being outside now.

Side note before we get started: this post is not sponsored, and I haven’t been paid to write about any products featured (but even if I had, I’d still only share my honest opinion). Once in a while companies send me products to potentially review, but I’ll only share them here if I like them. Sometimes I’ll use affiliate links. For the sake of transparency, I’ll mark PR items and similar with a *. Deal?

♥ Favorite wears

Wearing // Coat: Preloved, Asos (similar)

🧥 Preloved coat: Last weekend I went thriftshopping, and saw this coat the moment I stepped in the door. I knew I wanted it, but as I was walking across the floor, a woman swooped in to try it on 😱 I had to stop myself from screaming “No!”. She hadn’t heard me call dibs in my head. Luckily she didn’t pick it up, and I was happy to find that the coat fits 😍

Wearing // Playsuit: LOTD* (sold out – similar)

Wearing // Top: Only. Trousers: LOTD* (sold out – similar)

🌸 Flower patterns: I’ve always been the type that dresses very neutrally (black and white tones, to blend in with the wall). And it was mostly because I was afraid of how people would look at me. So I’m challenging myself to add more colour, even flowery patterns to my wardrobe. These two items are still black, but the pattern liven them up – I guess they’re my gateway drug to more colours 😂

♥ Favorite reads

🌛 We have no idea: This has been lying by the side of my bed for a while, without me getting any reading done. But I finally got into this, and I really enjoy the way they shift between silly jokes and hardcore physics. It’s fairly easy to understand (well, quantum physics never is, but still). I wish I had read this book back in high school, would have enjoyed the physics classes a lot more then!

📚 Diabetes & Exercise research: The subject of my BA is Type 2 Diabetes, and the effect of different forms of exercise. I’m only just getting started, so I still enjoy learning about it, but sooner or later the stress of the deadline will take over, I’m sure.

♥ Favorite watches

🕵🏼️‍♀️ Jessica Jones: Season 2 came out early March. I’ve been binge watching both seasons. This show about healing from traumatic experiences is so empovering

🕺 James Acaster’s special: He’s always been funny on Mock the Week and other panel shows (OMG the cabbage thing). All four parts of this show was recorded on the same day, and by the end you will realize how brilliant (not just weird) he is.

♥ Favorite listens

💔 Invisible Not Broken & 🛌 Spoonie pyjama party Both these podcasts are about living with a chronic illness. I’ve found comfort listening to them high pain days. They help me not feel so guilty about resting and worthless over the things I can no longer do.

♥ Favorite Instas

Caption says it all!

Don't get it twisted, there is no weight where people stop being worthy of respect. Point blank. End of story. To anyone who wants to put a weight limit on body positivity and say that some people are taking it "too far" - what you're really saying is that after a certain size people should be made to feel like they aren't valuable, like they aren't worthy of respect or dignity. Because THAT is what body positivity is trying to teach people, that every body is worthy of respect. And creating a cut-off point based on your own internalised fatphobia goes against everything body positivity stands for as a movement. And I hear you - what about people's health? Well, in short: - Health is a million times more multi-dimensional than weight and weight alone and you will never know someone's health just from looking at them. - Putting an 'as long as you're healthy' requirement on body positivity is ableist and exclusionary. - Someone's health isn't a marker of whether they're worthy of respect either. Seriously. - Mental health is health too, and fatphobia & weight stigma are proven to cause negative health outcomes in and of themselves. - Stop using 'health concern' as an excuse for not wanting to see fat bodies. It's tired and we see through it. There is no too fat where people stop being worthy of respect, stop being valuable, or should be made to hate themselves. And if you believe that there is, then you really don't believe in body positivity at all. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 Quote from ok2befat on Tumblr 🌻

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♥ Favorite moments

👗 Veras Market: I randomly saw on Instagram that Vera was having a market in Storms Pakhus a Sunday, and promptly decided to see what it was about. It’s a great setting for a market, and I loved the atmosphere. I picked up 3 things for a good price. I’m particularly in love with this skirt I found (and I haven’t worn a skirt for years).

☕ Café Fleuri* Meet up: These local blogger meet ups are making me fall even more in love with blogging. This one was held at this adorable place called Café Fleuri. The topic up for discussion was brand collaborations, and it’s at times like these I’m grateful for having other bloggers to share ideas with.

What have you been loving lately?

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