Friday Five #5

Hello Friday, and hello everyone! How was your week?

Mine’s been great actually, I’m getting back into the workout groove – and even though exams are coming up, I’m not freaking out completely (yay for progress!).

Let’s get going with today’s 5 random lists, shall we?

5 gym classes I’ve tried recently

  • Bodyflow
  • Pilates
  • Stepfit
  • Yoga
  • Bodypump

5 bloggers I’d love to meet

5 things happening next week

  • My boyfriend’s birthday
  • Exam week
  • In continuation of the point above, ice cream 😉
  • First session with a new physiotherapist
  • Trying lots of new gym classes

5 posts worth reading

5 furry friends

What blogger would you love to meet? Let me know in the comments!

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