Friday Favorites #4


Finally Friday of the first week of the year! I hope you got through the week in one piece! Don’t worry, this will be an easy read, featuring some things I’ve been loving lately.

Friday Favorites #4 – Week 1

FAVORITE FOODS: WD-40 and microwaved tampons: secrets of food photography revealed by The Guardian. This article was a real eye-opener. Mainly because I hadn’t even considered it an option that the food pictures aren’t edible!

FAVORITE PHOTO: This is the photo from my instagram you liked the most this week.

FAVORITE WORKOUT: 19 Powerful Bodyweight Exercises for Strength and Speed by Greatist

FAVORITE INSTAGRAMER: Elle @Elle_KFitness is a beautiful personal trainer, who knows what she’s doing! She spreads (body) positivity as thick as peanut butter, and she’s just a joy to follow (actually one of the first I followed when I joined Instagram!)

FAVORITE FITNESS FASHION: These amazing tights from Purelime I got as a Christmas present (and yes my shirt says I’d rather be sleeping. )

FAVORITE BLOGGING: Feeling Like an Outsider in the Blogging Community by The Prosecco Diaries

FAVORITE VIDEO: I Am A Real Woman & So Is Every Other Woman by Kathryn Budig. Hanna recommended this video to me last week, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and its empowering message.

How was your week? What was your favorite post? Let me know in the comments!


Note: This post is not sponsored in any way