Favorite Upperbody Workout

I’m a bit excited about today’s post. That’s because it’s the first of its kind*. Who’s up for some workout inspiration!

I hope you’ll find the workouts helpful – I plan to post a lot more, I just need to fully get a hang of shooting pictures alone and editing. Feedback would be appreciated 🙂

*Well, if you look away from the guest post I did on Cupventure. Which you should totally check it out!

Favorite upperbody workout - This is a workout with some of my favorite dumbbell exercises, and it can easily be done at home.

Now, let’s look at the workout – that’s what you’re here for right?

Oh. You thought there’d be cookies… well… I have some bad news for you. I might accidentally have eaten all of them. Sorry. I’m not really sorry, they were delicious!

This is a workout with some of my favorite dumbbell exercises, and it can easily be done at home. An alternative to dumbbells could be water jugs or books. My dumbbells weigh 3.5 kg / 8 lbs each, so that’s what I’m using. If you’re at the gym, choose a weight you find challenging for each exercise.




At the bottom, with your arms next to your torso, your palms should be facing your body. As you press the dumbbells up, rotate until your palms face forward. Full description


Hands shoulder width apart, holding the dumbbells and do a push up. The further apart your legs are, the easier it is to avoid rotating your upper body. Focus on keeping your hips square to the ground and your core engaged. Full description


Curls for the girls. (No you’re not going to get massive arms from doing this). Full description


Keep your upper arm and torso parallel to the floor. Focus on moving your forearm only. Slowly lower the dumbbell. Full description

Favorite upperbody workout - This is a workout with some of my favorite dumbbell exercises, and it can easily be done at home. By Annesmiles

This is just inspiration, feel free to modify the workout so it suits your current level.

Favorite upperbody workout - This is a workout with some of my favorite dumbbell exercises, and it can easily be done at home. By Annesmiles

Wearing: Top from Nike // Sports bra from H&M // Tights from Purelime

What are your favorite dumbbell exercises?

Would like to see more workouts here in the future? Do you want more or less descriptions of the exercises and workout? I’d love to hear your opinion.

[If you attempt any workout provided by this blog, you’re doing so at your own risk]



  • I'd love to see more posts like this! I'm heading to the gym later today and I've saved this so that I can use it as my workout there. Also if you're having trouble with filming / photograph on your own apparently there are some cheap tripods and remotes on ebay :) Steph - http://nourishmeclean.blogspot.com
  • I'd love to see more workout posts! They would inspire me to do some more exercise than just running and the occasional yoga. I also thought the pictures were good and you captured the different exercises very clearly. Patti Shifting Tales
  • I really love working out with dumbbells. Kettlebell is another story, it's a love/hate relationship that we have haha. Thank you so much for sharing this great workout, hon. I would LOVE to see more posts like this 'cause you know your stuff, sweetie :) xox N. http://www.mielandmint.com/
  • You look so cute during that Arnold Dumbbell Press :DD I love your workout posts. :) I've seen a lot of exercises like the renegade with pushup ones, but I am not able to do it. :( My hands are hurting so much when I put them on the weights instead of the floor (they used to hurt a lot on the floor and it only got better over time, and now it only hurts if I do it for too long). Any advice on that? xx
    • Haha it's not easy to control your face when working out :D That confuses me a bit, because some people (partly myself) lack flexibility in the wrist, so it hurts to bend it like you do in a push up or handstand, but doing it with handles (like dumbbells here), helps because it doesn't put as much pressure on it - but that's the opposite of you. Maybe you can do a push up, then lift up one dumbbell at a time - or split the exercise, so you do push ups, then bent over rows so you don't spend as much time with your weight on your wrists x
  • I have an instructor at the gym so I have my routine made, by I am soooo bookmarking this for when I travel or don't have time for the gym for whatever reason. I like some of these a lot. I hate kickbacks though xD Do you have any post on back muscle exercises? Or would you consider doing one if not? :p (look at me, first comment on your blog and already asking for things, haha. Sorry!)
    • That's great! This is the first proper 'workout'-post I've made, but I'm going to make more, so it's suggestions are very welcome! I'll add it my ideas-list. Thank you for stopping by :) x
  • I need to try this. I have no muscles in my upper body whatsoever haha. Yeah, I go to zumba and spinning classes, but I feel like those mostly target my legs. xx Izzy | Qthee