What You Might Not Know About Me

  • I wish I was friends with every dog I meet
  • I’ve played football since I was 5 years old
  • I dream about doing research in the field of sport science or working with the elite athletes from Denmark. Or something like that (I can’t decide!)
  • My middle name is Sophie, but nobody besides my family is allowed to call me Anne Sophie
  • I almost never drink alcohol
  • When I was a child, I dropped my pacifier from a ferry – and I was so mad at my dad for the rest of the trip because he didn’t jump into the ocean to get it for me.
  • I’m very introvert, and need alone time regularly
  • I’m allergic to pollen (including to the trees standing right outside my window. It’s great)
  • Most of my conversations with my sister on Facebook is just us sending videos of cute animals to each other
  • I’m scared of locking myself out, so I always hang my keys on the door handle
  • If you make or bring me food, I will love you forever

What’s a fun fact about you? Let me know in the comments!

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