Delightful Blogging

Hold on, what happend here? That’s right, has moved!

I’ve been blogging consistently for about two months now, and I want to continue to work on making this space something I can be proud of.

Up until now, I’ve been blogging on – and although it works well, it’s very limiting. So I’ve taken the plunge and joined a danish blogger network, Bloggers Delight! Which I doubt you’ve heard of unless you’re from Denmark.

I’ve imported all my old posts, and all links should still be working (phew), although the formatting has gone weird in a few posts. I also have to go through every single post and reupload the images, so that’s going to take a little while… Good thing I can watch A League of Their Own at the same time for some entertainment!

There’s one thing I feel like I have to address – the ads. Bloggers Delight sometimes shows ads on my site. I don’t control the ads, and don’t earn anything from them, but I suppose you could say it’s part of the way I pay them for them for hosting – does the same. But hey AdBlockers do exist! Although I’m not encouraging you to use one, I can’t stop you either.

I’m mainly telling you this for transparency, and so you know what’s going on – and I can tell you I’m very excited about taking my blogging adventure a step further! I hope you are as well 🙂

Thank you for reading. Here’s a cute hedgehog shark



    • Thank you so much Julia! Be careful what you say, I might just take you up on it.. But so far it's going well, it's just a lot of manual work (going through old posts and updating featured images because they didn't import well and so on)...
  • Congratulations on your move and I love that you felt comfortable enough and good enough with your blog to make this decision. I too took a dramatic change last year/begining of this year and it's helped me immensely! So proud <3 Ella x