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Blogging Goals 2016 pt 2


Where has the time gone? We’re already nearly 3 months into the new year! On the personal front, there’s not been much to celebrate…

A Whole New World


*Tweep tweep* I could have sworn I was never going to join twitter. Yet here I am, already completely hooked. I’m starting to build…

Why I Blog


Lately I feel like my blogging mojo have reached a new high, and I love it. It has led me to reflect on what…

Blogging goals 2016 pt. 1


Goals are a part of striving to constantly improve – at least for me. It helps to have something in sight, so I know where…

A Classic Welcome Post


Hi all my at-this-point-non-existant-readers, and welcome to As this is a classic welcome post, I’m going to be super original and tell you…