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10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging


Lessons I’ve learned through who knows how long I’ve been blogging.
When I started blogging, I didn’t really think much of it. It seemed like a fun hobby, so why not try it out? And then it somehow consumed my life.

The Best of the Blog in June – Blog Report


Blog reports are the monthly breakdown of my blog’s status, strategies and secrets. This time we’re taking a look at June, focusing on the best posts of the month, as illness stopped me from writing a full report.

No Worries, I’m Not Dead


Hi long-lost friends! I won’t even go through the awkward “Hey, remember me?” followed by a long, awkward silence while you try to figure…

Blogging Goals 2016 pt. 4


A lot has happened since I started blogging last year, my blog has grown in ways I never expected. Now it’s time to evaluate successes and failures, and set new goals!