35 Food Bloggers’ Best Healthy Recipe of the Year

I bring you a collection of 35 food blogger’s best healthy recipe of the year.

Well, 35 food bloggers and me. I don’t know what I am, but I have made a handful of recipes in the past year. And I just realised I should include something I created myself. Looking through all my recipes, one that stands out to me is this coconut protein smoothie I’m particularly proud of the photography in this one, especially when I compare it to my first recipes (I mean, it was delicious too).


Here’s what these lovely bloggers sent to me when I asked them to share the best healthy recipe they created in 2016.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes


How about trying this beautiful, Indian-inspired peach yoghurt breakfast bowl?

Find the recipe by Framed Recipes here.


Or start the day with lots of fruit in this green chia pudding.

Find the recipe by Veggies Save the Day here.


Or jump start your day with this green smoothie blend of spinach, celery, dates, banana, almond butter, hemp protein and rice milk!

Find the recipe by Say Grace Blog here.

Salads and veggies galore


I’d love to have a taste of this balsamic roasted broccoli salad with garlic!

Find the recipe by Savory Tooth here.


Wanna try a Hawaiian-inspired dish? Go for this ahi tuna poke bowl with citrus ponzu and creamy sriracha sauce.

Find the recipe by Lemon Blossoms here.


As a fan of baked potatoes, these sweet potatoes with crispy chickpeas and kale look amazing.

Find the recipe by Vegan Chickpea here.

happykitchen rocks.jpg

This salad looks ridiculously good – look at all the colours!

Find the recipe by Happy Kitchen Rocks here.


These baked parmesan steak fries with garlic aioli make a great side dish.

Find the recipe by Served from Scratch here.


This summer corn and quinoa veggie salad is a fresh, nutritious and light summertime meal.

Find the recipe by Toaster on Love here.

mygluten freekitchen.jpg

Or how about a California club sandwich? They always make a great lunch!

Find the recipe by My Gluten-Free Kitchen here.


How good does this tex mex lunch bowl look?!

Find the recipe by Simply Stacie here.


An easy dinner that you can never go wrong with: Chicken and broccoli stir fry.

Find the recipe by Dinner at the Zoo here.


I can’t wait to make this Mexican chicken with brown rice for dinner.

Find the recipe by Vitamin Sunshine here.


This parmesan pumpkin quinoa with asparagus and shrimp looks so good and simple.

Find the recipe by Seasoned Sprinkles here.


Here’s another super tasty salad combination with buckwheat.

Find the recipe by Nourish Everyday here.


These simple greek baked sweet potatoes are a hearty, healthy and flavorful weeknight recipe or a great brown bag lunch.

Find the recipe by Bourbon and Honey here.


Here’s a recipe for a refreshing kimchi slaw with sweet and spicy vinaigrette.

Find the recipe by Kimchi Chick here.


These gluten free cauliflower cheddar pancakes make a wonderful appetiser, side dish, or vegetarian meal.

Find the recipe by Fearless Dining here.


Butternut squash noodles like these look pretty delicious!

Find the recipe by My Life Cook Book here.


If you’re more into tofu, try this Asian-style chilli ginger tofu.

Find the recipe by A Virtual Vegan here.


I wish my dinner tonight was this tomato mushroom spaghetti squash.

Find the recipe by What A Girl Eats here.


I love making rice paper rolls, and this recipe looks delicious! (Mine never turns out this pretty).

Find the recipe by Salt and Lavender here.


Another salad I’m in love with; Copycat Panera Bread BBQ Chicken Salad.

Find the recipe by The Life Jolie here.


Plenty of opportunities to use your spiralizer for this Vietnamese zucchini and carrot salad.

Find the recipe by Karen’s Kitchen Stories here.


Lots of veggies to go along with this quinoa falafel.

Find the recipe by Lydi Out Loud here.


Avocado = yum. BLT stuffed avocado = Y-U-M!

Find the recipe by Wholesome Yum here.


Summer and watermelon go hand in hand, and I look forward to making this tomato, watermelon and basil salad.

Find the recipe by Luci Morsels here.


You can add quinoa to your salad with this harvest butternut squash quinoa salad.

Find the recipe by Delicious Meets Healthy here.


Here’s a yummy vegan buddha bowl loaded with brown rice, marinated tofu, fresh vegetables and herbs.

Find the recipe by La Petit Chef here.

hezzi dsbooksandcooks.jpg

Oh it’s been too long since I’ve strawberries! This strawberry pecan salad with honey balsamic vinaigrette looks amazing.

Find the recipe by Hezzi DS Books and Cooks here.

Healthy Soup Recipes


Ending with a few recipes that’s perfect for cold winter days, I’d love to have this roasted garlic and hazelnut butternut squash soup.

Find the recipe by Will Cook for Friends here.


Alternatively, go for this spinach coconut and zucchini soup.

Find the recipe by Super Golden Bakes here.


This spicy miso zucchini ramen noodle soup makes the taste buds sing.

Find the recipe by Hapanom here.


Warm yourself up with this hearty tuscan style chicken soup

Find the recipe by Kitchen Sanctuary here.


Lastly, this healthy barley soup gives a yummy ending to this post

Find the recipe by Watch What U Eat here.

Which recipe will you be trying first? Bon appetite!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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35 food bloggers' share their best healthy recipes of 2016. Here's a round up with lots of healty, filling salads! #healthyrecipes #salad #recipe

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