April in a Post – My Month in Pictures

Can you believe it’s already May? Feels like it was just a couple of days since it was winter and snowing. Oh wait, that actually happened!

I wanted to follow up on my ‘Blog Report’ with a ‘Life Report’ looking back on the past month. Now, my life isn’t the most exciting: I study, then try to workout and eat healthy and run a blog and maybe maintain some form of connection to actual humans.

But let’s see if I can manage to make my life seem slightly exciting 😉

This month I…

My month in pictures

… went rollerblading and had smoothies (lots of smoothies)

… Spend more time at the gym and tried some new protein powder

… Dreamed of summer and getting strong again

… Worked out at home – and had breakfast, obviously

… Had more smoothies. And more cake.

… Longed for running and did 2 gym classes in a row

… Wanted to sleep because uni is hard. So I ate cake. And met with my physio who says I’m finally making progress!

And lots more that I forgot (to take pictures off)! Follow me on Instagram to see more of my life in pictures 🙂

How was your month? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Wow your Instagram is on point! I love all of these pictures, especially the cake and the smoothies! My April was pretty good, I explored France and finally established a workout routine. xx